Quick review of what we learnt in the last post:

  • Business people are people (no shit, Sherlock) – so remarketing on Google’s Display network can help you catch them with their guard down, as it were
  • You pay for the prospecting power of LinkedIn – so take your remarketing activity elsewhere and water down the concentrated price of Job Title targeting

We’re not finished with LinkedIn just yet, but we will wave goodbye to the traps, tactics and tips for paid advertising and have a look at a cheaper way to prospect.

Tactic #3: Make a group effort

As ever, what you save on money you have to put in with effort, so roll those sleeves up and let’s make some friends.

According to Sales Hacker, top sellers spend at least six hours a week on LinkedIn. We can only assume they’re finding lots of leads there.

And here is one tactic that offers a short cut to success.

  1. First, you need to find a relevant group
  2. Preferably go for a Members Only group as these tend to be of higher quality
  3. Make sure it has lots of members
  4. Check the group is active with lots of regular posts and good levels of interaction
  5. Look a little closer – the sort of ratio you are looking for is 80% industry discussion and 20% soft-promotional posts – because you’re here to join discussions not jump down people’s throats
  6. Congratulations: you’ve found your prospecting nest.
  7. Start participating in discussions, like other people’s posts and share their content. The more activity, the better.
  8. Go on, be bold post interesting articles, thoughts, hints and tips – just leave off the promo for now.
  9. Your leads will not come from the group itself, but from the individuals in the group. Once your established start connecting with members of the group
  10. Now you have a first connection lead who already knows you and respects your opinion. Half your work is done!

Nice, eh?

You can take this to the next level by creating a whitepaper, a landing page, and then pulling in a couple of favours from the group owner.

Intrigued – there are step-by-step instructions for you here.

Tactic #4: Get yourself tooled up

I was nearly laughed out of the boardroom for this suggestion.

They were sat laptops open, discussing sales figures, when – out of the blue – I suggest building a free tool to attract leads.

After the hammer and spanner and wrench jokes had subsided, I outlined my logic.

SoPro is, at heart, a tech company.

And we’ve developed some incredibly powerful tech.

Why not share a taster of it so that businesses can find email addresses, check the awesomeness of their prospecting mails, review the and map their market to understand the scale and scope of their current business.

It would be immensely powerful and build us up respect, gratitude and a bank of leads.

The grins gradually turned to earnest expressions of interest.

And, lo and behold, the SoPro Toolset is busy working away every day collecting leads online for us – without even a finger being lifted, an ad posted, an email sent or a phone picked up.

It works like a dream – and many others do it. Take Yoast with their free SEO plug-in for WordPress whose every road leads not to Rome but to its premium version. Screaming Frog, another well-known SEO company, also uses this tactic by allowing a free download of a version of their tool with limited functionality.

The question is what free tools could you build with minimal investment that would be useful to your target prospects?

And the icing on the cake is that people love to link to free tools so you’ll be boosting your SEO at the same time.

I’ve a few more cakes to ice, so check out next week’s post for finding your audience online.

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