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SoPro Helps Businesses to Identify and Engage
with Qualified Prospects

Our experts target, research and engage prospects on behalf of your sales team.
Prospects are engaged on a 1-to-1 basis with personalised, conversational introductions, designed to flow naturally into your sales pipeline.
We are reliable, budget friendly and scalable.

Our Totally Bonkers 60 Second Explainer Video

Welcome to the Future of B2B Sales

The Art of Prospecting

There are 8 critical steps to every SoPro prospecting campaign.
Each step has a raft of actions, processes, systems and quality measures within it, all delivered like clockwork by Team SoPro, the Prospecting Guardians of the Universe.

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    Mission Control

    Expert campaign onboarding

    Full compliance assessment

    Planning & scheduling

    Identify campaign objectives, set targets, dates and plan campaign approach.

    GDPR compliance audit to ensure campaign complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy and Electronic communications Regulations (PECR).

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    Full Market Assessment

    Agree target profiles

    Map markets

    Sample prospect list

    Locations, industries, company size brackets, target job titles.

    Map markets and circulate the segmented prospect universe for review.

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    Prospect List-Build

    Identify & qualify prospects

    Source contact details

    Filter exclusions

    Build a live prospect database and quality check every result by hand.

    Source and verify contact details for each valid prospect, including email.

    Filter campaign exclusions, existing personal contacts, active clients, previous responders and global suppressions.

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    Technical Delivery Setup

    Configure domain

    Deliverability testing

    Tracking & unsubscribes

    Email config testing. Domain blacklist and email deliverability testing. DNS updates or new domains if needed.

    Set up delivery, click, open and response tracking.

    Email Awesomeness checker.

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    Exceptional Messaging

    Write the perfect intro

    Punchy & personalised

    Weave the SoPro magic!

    Produce the perfect introductory email, highly personalized with a conversational tone.

    Crafted to flow naturally into your sales process. Usually asking for a meeting or a call.

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    Campaign Launch

    Go! Go! Go!

    Daily import to CRM

    Passive engagement (social)

    Direct engagement (email)

    Source and queue 50 – 100 fresh prospects every day

    Passively engage each prospect via social channels.

    Directly engage each prospect With an awesome personalized email intro

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    Track & Chase

    Response management (via CRM)

    Pen the perfect follow up

    Chase non-responders.

    Categorise and log responses

    Create tactful, light, informal or humorous chaser emails and continue engagement with 2nd, 3rd and 4th stage chaser emails to all non-responders.

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    Segmented reporting

    Live performance analysis

    Sales pipeline review

    Optimise weekly

    The world’s best campaign report format.

    Review response rates, deals closed and general campaign performance by segment on a weekly basis.

    Adjust targeting, technical settings and/or messaging to improve delivery rates, open rates and lead rates.

SoPro in Video

The SoPro Story

This brief intro video outlines our prospecting service and some of the specific problems we solve as we continue to help our amazing clients grow. Welcome to SoPro.

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SoPro for Businesses With Wales Teams

SoPro comes in a variety of flavours (…all awesome). One of the most common and most effective ways that businesses use SoPro, is to support existing sales teams with a consistent flow of leads. Let’s be honest, salespeople don’t enjoy prospecting, they really don’t like cold calling and they HATE admin. Should those 3 elements really form 60% of their role? In this video team SoPro talk through aspects of the SoPro service that are more relevant to businesses with an existing sales team.

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SoPro – a Client’s Story

In this video, Tim Cumming, Director at Working Beautifully, talks through his experience as a SoPro client. We’ve been rocking Tim’s world for years now and we’ve loved watching the Working Beautifully brand and business grow from strength to strength as we’ve helped him land client.. after client… after client. Nobody knows the SoPro service better than this guy.

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SoPro knows the best way for businesses to appreciate our service is to run a prospecting campaign yourselves. This parody video is our handy how to guide for a DIY SoPro campaign.

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Totally Bbonkers 60 Second Explainer

What better way to convey the surreal magic of the SoPro service than through an animated 60-second explainer video, starring a flying submarine. We commissioned the experts over at Sentio Space to encapsulate SoPro’s fantastical prospecting machine in under a minute. And we don’t mind admitting they totally nailed it.

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More Videos

View All SoPro Videos

These are just snippet of our extensive video collection. Click to view all SoPro videos.

More Videos

SoPro – Secretly a Tech Firm, Dressed up as a B2B Marketing Agency...

Introducing the 2019 SoPro Hub

Watch this short video to learn about the amazing SoPro Hub and how it can give you 24/7 visibility on your SoPro campaign.

The SoPro Hub is super intuitive and allows your geeky side to totally self-indulge with everything you need to know about your prospecting campaign.
View real time campaign dashboards, review messaging and communications logs, plus access our famous reporting suite, showcasing campaign activity, performance and lead rates by market segment.

Prospects Engaged

An important list. Storing the yesses, noes and maybes in a dynamic table so we can explore the patterns, optimise our approach and improve your results week after week.
Sounds exhausting...? It’s a labour of love.

Companies Engaged

A rolling scorecard of the businesses SoPro have engaged on your behalf, together with the individuals contacted and a full audit trail of messages, responses and engagement events such as email opens or website visits.

Exclusions Management

We recognise the importance of watertight exclusion management. SoPro accepts exclusions by company (I.e. domain level) or at individual level (I.e. by email).
We’re obsessed with feeding you great prospects. Naturally that requires a bit of weeding.
Give us the nod and we’ll steer well clear of your campaign exclusions.

Email Templates Management

Gaze in wonder at the email copy carefully crafted just for you.
Experience has given us great insight into what works and what doesn’t, and we genuinely excel ourselves here. SoPro email copywriters regularly produce some of the best prospecting messaging in the world and this panel gives you great visibility across live email templates, subject lines and performance by email version.


We’ve slept through a lot of legal briefings to ensure that every SoPro campaign complies with the laws of the land.
To support the GDPR our campaign compliance centre offers useful tools such as automated subject access request (SAR) handling) , legitimate interest assessment docs, unsubscribe management and notifications, template FAQ responses. It’s a compliance officers dream.
This page is 55% us showing off… and 55% critical functionality. Adding up to the usual 110% you can expect from every SoPro campaign.

CRM Integration

SoPro integrates directly with Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive among other leading CRM systems.
This interface is where the magic happens. Punch in your API key and watch prospects magically drop into your CRM account.
Prospects are source coded and assigned to sales agents in accordance with your setup.


For the geek inside all of us. Real-time reports on campaign performance by sector, size and blah-blah-blah.
We strongly advise removal of socks before viewing SoPro campaign reporting suite. We’ve had a few “incidents” recently and the truth is they’ll be knocked clean off.

Introducing the 2019 SoPro Hub

Prospects Engaged

Companies Engaged

Exclusions Management

Email Templates Management


CRM Integration

Funnel Image

How Does Your Campaign Stack up Against The SoPro Cross-Campaign Averages?

Enter your pitch, proposal and close rates to view the exact (...ish) cost of each deal closed through your super-charged SoPro prospecting sales channel.


You're in Safe Hands with SoPro
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Don’t Just Take Our Word for it…

Cross campaign stats

Prospects Engaged

Open Rate



Cost per Lead

*Sep 18 - Sep 19

Cross Campaign Stats

SoPro makes bold performance claims.

There is no better way to substantiate our claims than by publishing our results.

Each month we publish the SoPro Cross Campaign Stats from the preceding 12 months, giving unprecedented visibility across all live prospecting activity

This total transparency approach enables clients to assess typical campaign performance levels before booking.

It also keep us on our toes in the best way possible.

sme-national eba-logo TechAwards uk_agency-awards lloyds-bank ukba-2019 cv-magazine-awards-2019 CampaigAwards NationalTechAwards2019 agency-of-the-future

Client case studies


Colour Me Social


Talent Pool






Nine Feet Tall




Hello Customer






Working Beautifully


Origami Mail


Prime Fulfilment

Talk to our clients

SoPro Customer References

Speak with our customers

Prospective SoPro clients often request to speak with existing or previous customers.

To support this we maintain a library of references, typically current clients who are happy to discuss their experience with our prospective customers, usually over a quick call.

Due to the time intensive nature of reference calls, we operate a rotation system to avoid over-burdening clients. Please allow us 24 hours for reference provision.

We also politely request all reference calls are pre-arranged by email.

Client Reference

“…and they were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”

Data Should be Free

Every SoPro Campaign Complies Fully with US, UK and European Regulations

Regulation Image
Regulation Image
Regulation Image
Regulation Image

Full CRM Integration

SoPro plugs directly into Hubspot, Salesforce, Podio and Pipedrive to support API based inter-platform lead exchange. It couldn’t be easier.

Simply select your CRM from the list of integrated partners, enter your API credentials (we’ll tell you where to get these), then kick back and watch your leads drop directly into your CRM. Prospects arrive with lead source and sales owner assigned.

CRM Intergration
CRM Intergration
CRM Intergration
CRM Intergration

What do Clients Say about SoPro?

SoPro seem to have found a “secret sauce” which works for business development communications and does not disrespect, annoy or alienate the recipients! We have tried other superficially similar services (which depended too much on LinkedIn and did not deliver) whereas SoPro genuinely have a couple of uniques which has resulted in new business and a very healthy pipeline for us.

Clent Testimonials

Ken Thompson

Managing Director - Business Simulations Limited

SoPro’s customer service is second to none. They are always available to help resolve and questions or challenges that we have and because of their experience their guidance on campaign structure and content is invaluable.

Clent Testimonials

Ruairí Kell

Sales Development - Boxever

We were very surprised at the volume of replies and conversations the SoPro service generated for us, we’re now busy working our way through them!

Clent Testimonials

Jon Lawford

Head of European New Business - Takumi

I really like the level the detail you receive in the reports from SoPro, the service runs like clockwork and the team really know how to get results. The campaign was a complete success and we are expanding our use of SoPro later this year.

Clent Testimonials

Sheila Mitham

Client Services Director - Intrigger

We were not expecting to get as many responses as we did and have already closed some significant business from the leads provided. By having SoPro initiate the engagement, we can then carry on the conversation to build the relationships with the right people.

Clent Testimonials

Simon Smith

Director - Bright Sourced

Thank you SoPro team, we are very happy with the results we have seen from our campaign and can’t wait to kick off another campaign!

Clent Testimonials

Ben Tresham

UK Sales Director - Hello Customer

I spend most of my time designing so to have SoPro doing my prospecting not only saved me time, but also helped me avoid a task I really don’t enjoy!

Clent Testimonials

Chris Hollands

Owner - Origami

With a large potential customer base but a relatively small team, we wanted to scale our sales without building our internal business development operation. SoPro have managed our email outreach effectively, meaning that we have had a steady stream of new leads; we’ve continued to work with them and it’s been a good investment.

Clent Testimonials

Tom Davenport

Co-Founder - Talentpool

We first started working with SoPro back in April and the response was so good we had to actually pause our activity to catch up with the projects we won. It is not just the results we are impressed with, but the on going advice and support we have received, it feels more like a working partnership

Clent Testimonials

Timothy Cumming

Founder - Working Beautifully

I trialled the SoPro service as an alternative to direct hire. Great stats and an awesome team mean I won’t be switching the service off any time soon.

Clent Testimonials

Phillip Hawkins

Managing Director - Colour Me Social

We decided to use SoPro to promote an HR breakfast event we were hosting, ideally finding 16 people to attend. The results were even better than we expected, so much so we had to put on another event later that morning, and we even managed to fill a future date with those that couldn’t make it.

Clent Testimonials

Matthew Mitten

Partner - Second Sight

Axonn trialled SoPro in Q2 2015.  The service rapidly earned it’s stripes and we have identified, engaged with and signed an impressive client pool directly through SoPro activity. SoPro now represents one of our primary sales channels for direct B2B outreach.  Such has been the success, Axonn has partnered directly with SoPro to offer the service to Axonn’s B2B clients.

Clent Testimonials

Fergus Parker

CEO - Axonn Media