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Email marketing? Yeah, that's our bread and butter.

Sopro is the B2B email marketing agency your brand needs to generate leads, close deals, and drive growth.

We put your business in front of the right people at the right times, securing high-value enquiries that align with your goals from top to bottom.

Onboard in a matter of weeks and see the prospects start rolling in. We write your emails, build your campaigns, and continually optimise them. But the emails come from your team, with replies landing straight in their inbox.

Power your pipeline

Email marketing campaigns that excel

At Sopro, we don't rest on assumptions. We use a decade of email marketing experience alongside proprietary data from over 22,000 campaigns to craft goal-oriented strategies that deliver from day one.

Our emails land in the right way and at the right time, blending fully managed services with a suite of powerful software solutions.

The result? B2B email marketing campaigns that go the distance for your business.

86% of 400 B2B buyers surveyed say email prospecting delivers “good to excellent” ROI.

*The State of Prospecting 2024

Email marketing case studies

“The team we work with are really super dynamic, and incredibly responsive. When you’re outsourcing a key part of your business, you have to trust those people.”

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“Working with Louise and Sasho at Sopro has been great; they conduct regular review meetings to inform us where we are with any particular campaign. With the input from the team it’s a great win for everyone.”

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“What really stands out is the campaign team. Simon and his team are seriously good in terms of giving advice and being proactive. They are always looking to improve the performance of the campaign.”

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A decade of email marketing expertise at your fingertips

Everything we do is about you.

Your business, your growth, your success.

With Sopro as your email marketing partner, you have our team's hands-on experience on tap. We drive hot enquiries for your brand via direct contact with genuine prospects, letting you focus on what matters: nurturing leads, closing deals and driving growth.

Here’s how our email marketing services works:

Email was rated the most reliable channel for driving leads by B2B buyers.

*The State of Prospecting 2024


Not your average B2B email marketing agency

Other email marketing agencies are so-so. We’re Sopro. With our team as your secret weapon,
your business is primed to take the lead. Here’s how you’ll benefit from working with us.

Expertise on tap

Sopro won’t just hand you a software login or a list of leads. Instead, you’ll get a dedicated team of experts supercharging your industry intel with our email marketing expertise. Together, we’re unstoppable.

Control your data forever

We contact your ideal prospects with compelling, personalised email sequences and hand their data over to you for keeps. Tap into an entire audience of hyper-relevant contacts whenever and wherever you want.

Proven and predictable pipelines

Our email marketing campaigns generate a reliable flow of leads in a matter of weeks. Flexible, scalable and more cost-effective than a permanent hire.

Drive efficiencies

We maximise the value of your B2B lead generation with a multi-channel approach, delivering personalised engagements at scale. Explore new revenue drivers and boost the performance of existing streams simultaneously.

Test, learn and grow

We test the market and set benchmarks so your teams can blow global targets out of the water. With our expertise up your sleeve, you’re ready to tap into bigger and better markets than ever before.

Our campaigns cost the equivalent of an SDR or less. But unlike lengthy
onboarding and long-term hires, our service is flexible and versatile.

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Hot sales enquiries, straight to your inbox

The difference with Sopro is our email marketing experts build outreach campaigns that are laser-focused on your goals, highly personalised per prospect and continually optimised. Here’s what you’ll get:

Sales qualified leads 

These are high-intent leads who replied to your email campaign: ready to buy and waiting for a call with your sales team.

Marketing qualified leads 

Leads who have engaged with your email campaign and shown purchase intent but also need a little nurturing.

Portal with tech integrations

Access real-time results with campaign dashboards. IP match reveals who’s on your site, Adsync targets your audience with paid ads. Plus personalised web chat, CRM sync and more.

Your data, always

Your entire audience of engaged prospects, their contact information, and their web activity: yours to download and keep.

Compliant campaigns at scale

Your campaigns rest on hand-picked, fully compliant audiences that fit your ICP like a glove. Make sure emails land and perform time after time.

The most advanced email sequences

We send the right email, at the right time to each prospect - you just keep an eye on your inbox. Each email benefits from the 86 million we’ve already delivered. 

Powerful email marketing data

We don't leave anything to chance. Each Sopro email campaign sits on a rock-solid foundation of cross-verified data from multiple sources, world-class technologies and our team's hands-on experience.

We combine proprietary data solutions with layered algorithms, masses of crawl intelligence, and multiple email verification systems to engineer bespoke campaigns just for you. Calculated communications that generate leads.

Next, we make sure everything is watertight with compliance. We run your campaigns through multi-stage regulatory checks covering the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and more for total email marketing peace of mind.

Then, we supplement crawl data with precise IP matching to add even more prospects to your contact list. Never diluting the intent pool, always maximising your ROI with high-value opportunities.

With the right intel on the people in decision-making positions, you're ready to give your outbound marketing the boost it deserves. We zero in on your ideal customers with laser precision, giving you tailored and targeted lists every time.

2,600+ clients served
22,000+ campaigns delivered
80 million emails sent

Email tech you can trust

Sopro complements your existing campaigns with easy audience exclusions and effortless
integrations. Synchronise your email marketing outreach with your website and CRM.

Sopro integrates with all market leading CRM platforms

Transparent reporting
and insights

Log in to the Client Portal anytime and access a wealth of data. Full control and transparency, at your fingertips:

  • Approve messaging before going live and easily exclude audience segments.
  • Access all audience interactions. Gain insights and feedback around prospects, buyer intent, your target market and content.
  • View campaign results and ROI whilst we proactively suggest improvements.

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