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How On IT used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile


United Kingdom


IT services

Deal cycle:

1-3 months

Target profile


60 miles surrounding Yorkshire

Company size:



C-Suite / Finance Managers / CTO / CIO

How On IT grew their business with Sopro

Headline results

$104 cost per lead
4% lead rate
19% response rate
£65 cost per lead 4% lead rate 19% response rate

Company description

On IT offers a range of specialist IT support. They help businesses with IT products and services particularly focusing on hard-to-use, complex technology and breaking it down and “taming it” to make it easy-to-use for their customers.

They support businesses in a hands on way. Their aim is to involve their clients in the IT process from behind the scenes to what their customer see, every step of the way.


On IT had tried and tested all the different methods of prospecting but without success.

They needed to master email prospecting to secure some leads, and grow their business.

“Before Sopro we tried various different channels, we spent about £75,000 on Google PPC, Facebook marketing, telemarketing, various other channels and generated net zero.”

Tom Newham, Managing Director, On IT

Our solution

We helped On IT to create a sales funnel that means they had a system for generating leads which they could continuously utilise. With our support, they were able to start generating leads in record time.

“Since engaging with Sopro we closed our deals in the space of six weeks. We actually closed the first deal with the first week of dealing with Sopro. So that went from a lead generated to a signed customer in the space of three weeks.”

Tom Newham, Managing Director, On IT

Campaign performance breakdown

On IT’s success with us went beyond their expectation and the amazing results speak for themselves.

“I was so impressed with the results that after the first three months, we decided to double our spend. It was that good. And since then, it’s grown even more so.”

Tom Newham, Managing Director, On IT

These results are from 2022:

Month Prospects Emails Sent Emails Per Prospect Opened Opened % Clicked Clicked % Lead Rate %
Sep 774 2459 3.18 952 38.71 % 86 9.03 % 2.07 %
Aug 758 2527 3.33 1081 42.78 % 112 10.36 % 3.83 %
Jul 786 2553 3.25 1051 41.17 % 71 6.76 % 2.80 %
Jun 903 4080 4.52 1816 44.51 % 95 5.23 % 6.87 %
May 1392 5031 3.61 2250 44.72 % 181 8.04 % 4.24 %
Apr 1470 3671 2.50 1565 42.63 % 110 7.03 % 3.47 %
Mar 654 2196 3.36 845 38.48 % 76 8.99 % 2.91 %

“We’re now dealing with half a dozen customers at a time that are coming through that Sopro channel. With this growth, it means we’ve been able to recruit new staff and it’s all attributable to Sopro.”

Tom Newham, Managing Director, On IT

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