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The State of Prospecting 2024

An in-depth look at the tactics and trends shaping successful B2B prospecting in 2024.

Our biggest and most detailed guide yet to successful sales engagement, with data from 75.2 million emails and over 9 million multi-channel touchpoints.

Looking at the dynamic business landscape of 2024, we've gathered valuable insights from 377 sales and marketing professionals and innovative strategies from our outreach experts.

With data-backed practical advice, we’ll cover how businesses are responding to marketing challenges, why standalone email campaigns are getting harder to nail, and how to optimise outreach to stay ahead of the competition.

Download the report to discover:

  • Which channels B2B buyers want to be contacted on
  • When to send messages to get the best response rates
  • Why deliverability is more important than ever
  • Who to target, from industries and job titles to names
  • The hidden words and phrases that increase lead rates
  • How to make your brand memorable for your target market
  • How to connect with your prospects at the perfect time

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The State of Prospecting 2024 - your complete guide to better sales outreach.