How GLOBAL CAREER COMPANY used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile




Recruitment consultancy

Deal cycle:


Target profile


Africa, Dubai, London

Company size:



HR, Director, Head, Manager, CEO, CFO, COO

How GCC focused their outreach using Sopro, with higher volumes and tighter targeting

Headline results

$30 cost per lead
11% lead rate
20% response rate
£19 cost per lead 11% lead rate 20% response rate

Company description

Global Career Company is a specialist recruitment consultancy focused on recruiting excellence for emerging markets. Their work consists of recruiting talents from with high-potential from locations around the world, encompassing all local, regional and international markets.


The aim of the campaign is to introduce the Talent Agenda Series brand.

  • Identify and engage with senior HR and recruitment roles
  • Introduce the Talent Agenda Series brand, proposition and event
  • Invite them to a brief call to discuss attending the event

Our solution

GCC have three main routes to market: event attendance, event sponsorship, and targeted recruitment. Without a large sales team, coupled with a very large potential market, outreach was previously spread too thin.

Sopro help with prospecting at higher volumes but in a more targeted way to reach the right people with the right message. This is a welcome boost to the events, as well as the core recruitment offering.

Campaign performance

Company Size Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
1-10 128 67% 57 66% 38 30% £7
11-50 241 56% 68 50% 45 19% £11
51-200 1109 38% 226 54% 111 10% £20
201-500 312 43% 70 53% 48 15% £13
501-1000 862 38% 187 57% 90 10% £19
1001-5000 1602 37% 325 55% 179 11% £18
5001-10,000 516 33% 64 38% 34 7% £30
10,001+ 2045 34% 356 52% 190 9% £22

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