How WRITE ARM used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

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Content writing

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Company size:



Marketing roles and senior management roles

How Writearm's lack of salesteam didn't stop them scaling the business

John runs Writearm utilising a network of content creators, and takes care of the running of the business himself. This leaves no time for business development. Sopro outreach allows John to pick up interested conversations. The service can be too effective at times, but it has allowed John to scale without having to hire and train a dedicated salesteam. We regularly receive introductions to other businesses who hear about how much Joh loves sopro, and want to check it out for themselves.

Headline Results

£24 cost per lead
8% lead rate
20% response rate
£24 cost per lead 8% lead rate 20% response rate

Company description

Write Arm are a Brighton based content agency. Part of what attracts clients to WA is that they take a flexible ‘can do’ approach and work fast. They pride themselves in being able to do everything with words and have a large number of specialists spanning the spectrum of writing/content niches on their books so are able to provide the right writer for each job/budget.


  • The purpose of the campaign was to identify and engage with senior marketing and content role, introduce the Write Arm brand and proposition and invite the prospect to a call or meeting to discuss further.

Campaign performance breakdown

Here's how the campaign performed across each of the industry verticals and company size brackets in scope.

Company Size Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
1-10 14 92.86% 1 5.00% 0 0.00 % NA
11-50 621 71.34% 184 21.37% 82 13.20% £15
51-200 750 56.40% 151 20.27% 65 8.67% £23
201-500 471 49.47% 63 16.24% 27 5.73% £35
501-1000 222 54.50% 38 16.45% 11 4.95% £40
1001-5000 282 47.52% 40 16.67% 18 6.38 % £31
5001-10,000 102 46.08% 11 12.94% 4 3.92% £51
10,001+ 116 45.69% 20 24.39% 7 6.03% £33

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