How Equality Check used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile




Identifies equality gaps and presents evidence based solutions to close them

Deal cycle:

8 weeks

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HR Manager, HR DIrector

How Equality Check used Sopro to upscale their sales operations and efficiently target their audience.

Headline results

$46 cost per lead
9% lead rate
29% response rate
£29 cost per lead 9% lead rate 29% response rate

The Company

Equality Check helps companies succeed with workplace equality, diversity, and inclusion.

They enable clients to easily track, measure, and report on their organisation’s progress towards positive change.

With Equality Check, you can leverage data-driven technology and evidence-based solutions to move from insight to action.  

The Challenge

Equality Check needed to upscale its sales operations, but they’d also recently repositioned themselves as a purely B2B software company, so their buying persona shifted, alongside their messaging.

The email campaign needed to focus on their new value propositions and buyers. The campaign was also time-sensitive and Equality Check’s sales and marketing teams were relatively new, meaning Sopro needed to support them in getting the campaign out in a short turnaround. 

The email content itself was also very specific, as the product is centered around Norwegian employment law. They needed appropriate, specific, and professional language in their email templates.

“As a growing startup, scaling our sales operation efficiently was a priority. Previously our lead generation was very manual email and phone outreach.

We needed to outsource as our internal resources were limited, and for input on strategy and automation.”

Equality Check

Our solution

Sopro needed to create something very flexible for Equality Check as they were still working out what would best fit their new buyer persona.

The Sopro team was thorough in getting background context to Equality Check’s product and the business challenges of Norweigan law. Sopro worked to ensure the email content was professional and accurate; and used Equality Check’s resources to make sure the content sounded right.

The Norwegian market is relatively small compared to other countries. Sopro had to ensure they got enough relevant data to build the campaign prospects.

“The campaign was quite time-sensitive and our marketing and sales team were quite new, and the Sopro team were supportive in getting out a campaign with a shorter turnaround. The campaign team were very friendly and helpful, willing to adapt things to suit our needs as a startup.”

Equality Check

The results

Equality Check’s conversion rate to sales meetings improved and they also saw improvement in their conversion from sales meeting to sale. Their current closed deals have covered the cost of the campaign, and they still have multiple ongoing sales.

“The conversion rate to sales meetings was very good, and our conversion from sales meeting to sale is very high for all leads. We have closed several deals and we still have multiple ongoing sales processes.”

Equality Check

The Equality Check product is relevant to almost all mid and large companies in Norway, and they have a broad range of industries in their portfolio. On one level that’s great, but it also makes outreach a challenge for their small sales team; getting more leads into their pipeline was always the main objective of the campaign.

“Our sales team’s biggest challenge is generating enough leads in the pipeline, and for the duration of the campaign they were very busy following up. Overall the quality and quantity of the leads was very positive.”

Equality Check


Number of Employees Prospects  Opened % Clicked Clicked % Positive Response Leads Lead Rate %
51-200 employees 826 64.55% 83 6.28% 14 66 7.99%
201-500 employees 771 43.99% 79 9.35% 20 68 8.82%
501-1000 employees 275 31.92% 19 8.12% 9 22 8.00%
1001-5000 employees 501 33.83% 118 25.88% 22 49 9.78%
5001-10,000 employees 91 36.00% 12 13.33% 5 8 8.79%
10,001+ employees 316 33.33% 56 18.36% 6 23 7.28%

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