How Fresh Air Flicks used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile




Outdoor Cinema

Deal cycle:


Target profile



Company size:

1 - 200


Owners, founders, partners

How Fresh Air Flicks used Sopro to deliver reliable leads from a varied customer profile

With a seasonal product and a target audience that varies widely in its profile, Fresh Air Flicks needed an agile marketing solution. They had tried business development teams, but were frustrated with the inefficiencies and slow pace. As an alternative to hiring, training, and managing a team that delivered low ROI, they turned to sopro.

Headline results

£45 cost per lead
4% lead rate
12% response rate
£45 cost per lead 4% lead rate 12% response rate

Company description

Fresh Air Flicks offer outdoor cinema experiences as well as bespoke and mobile viewing platforms in areas local to New York as well as Boston to Washington DC and Orlando, Miami and Atlanta

The focus of the activity is to identify and engage with event producers and business stakeholders to introduce the Fresh Air Flicks brand and propositions and invite prospects to discuss in more detail over a brief call or meeting.


  • To promote the Fresh Air brand among event producers and business stakeholders
  • Invite potential leads for a brief chat or meeting

Campaign performance breakdown

Company Size Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
Myself Only 2 100.00% 1 50.00% 0 0.00% N/A
1-10 1035 61.84% 155 24.22% 52 5.02% £40
11-50 671 56.93% 67 17.54% 30 4.47% £45
51-200 296 43.92% 20 15.38% 8 2.70% £74
201-500 3 66.67% 0 0.00% 0 0.00% N/A


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