How EXONAR used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams



Company profile




Information Technology and Services Platform

Deal cycle:


Target profile



Company size:

50FTE – 10,000FTE


CIO, COO, Risk roles, Information, Data roles

How Exonar sourced their ideal prospects and saw a lead rate of 8% with SoPro

Headline Results

£25 cost per lead
8% lead rate
17% response rate
£25 cost per lead 8% lead rate 17% response rate

Company description

Exonar solves a problem common to all organisations and their senior information owners, “I just don’t know what I’ve got”. Exonar maps and understands organisations’ information, from databases to documents – instantly and at scale. Exonar uses machine learning to understand what’s important, where it is and who has access to it.

Exonar identifies documents containing passwords, customer and confidential information enabling successful governance, risk management, document retention, cyber security and compliance with forthcoming regulations such as GDPR – with ease. They enable organisations to better organise their information, removing risk and making it more productive and secure.


  • Generate engagement to do a customer interview (meeting or telephone call) to establish the day to day challenges faced in document and data management in organizations.
  • Establish what the challenges are and therefore what Exonar product / market fit is.
  • Promote the Exonar brand within Information Management community and build a contact list of key decision makers.

Campaign performance breakdown

Here's how the campaign performed across each of the industry verticals and company size brackets in scope.

Company Size Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
1-10 94 57.45% 27 50.00% 12 12.77% 16£
11-50 305 59.34 % 84 46.41% 40 13.11% 15£
51-200 415 52.53% 68 31.19% 37 8.92% 22£
201-500 300 53.33% 63 39.38% 26 8.67% 23£
501-1000 273 60.81% 39 23.49% 16 5.86% 34£
1001-5000 395 52.66% 68 32.69% 31 7.85% 25£
5001-10,000 57 45.61% 8 30.77% 5 8.77% 23£
10,001+ 436 46.79% 36 17.65% 15 3.44% 58£

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