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I spend most of my time designing so to have SoPro doing my prospecting not only saved me time, but also helped me avoid a task I really don’t enjoy!

Origami mail

Company Profile

Location: Brighton

Product/Service: Design of HTML email templates and campaigns

Typical Deal Value: £3k+

Deal Cycle: /

Target Profile

Location: London and Brighton

Industries: Marketing agencies

Company Size:  1FTE – 500FTE

Role/Function: Director, Owner, Founder

Company Description

Origami mail specialise in the UX, design and development of fully mobile-responsive HTML email templates and campaigns for use in all email platforms.

As a group of designers, Origami mail has been drawn to the idea of exploring this single medium, and becoming the best at producing progressive email campaigns. Origami mail wants to be excited by the product they produce, and use that passion to help clients’ business!

  • To identify key stakeholders within smaller Marketing businesses across London and Brighton.
  • To introduce the Origami Mail brand and develop interest in the freelance email template writing proposition.
  • Lead with cost saving and general performance improvement of high quality HTML email templates.
  • Sexy mobile responsive templates improve audience experience and engagement.
Headline Results






Campaign Performance Breakdown

Here's how the campaign performed across each of the industry verticals and company size brackets in scope.

Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
Total: 2403 21.80% 165 7% 67 2.79% £72
1 – 10 1082 25.7% 108 10% 40 3.70% £54
11 – 50 830 20.4% 42 5% 18 2.17% £92
51 – 200 474 15.8% 14 3% 8 1.69% £117
200 – 500 17 5.9% 1 6% 1 5.88% £34