Phillip Hawkins

Managing Director

I trialled the SoPro service as an alternative to direct hire. Great stats and an awesome team mean I won’t be switching the service off any time soon.

Colour Me Social

Company Profile

Location: UK – South

Product/Service: Social Media Management

Typical Deal Value:  £2,400 – £12,000

Deal Cycle: 0-2 Months

Target Profile

Location: UK – All

Industries: Various

Company Size:  1FTE – 50FTE

Role/Function: Founder, MD, CXO

Company Description

Colour Me Social provides businesses with personalised, flexible, fixed price social media management. Helping to build brand awareness, trust and engagement for SME’s and start up’s.

Colour Me Social’s “hands-free social media” service covers everything from content curation, bespoke creative content, paid posts and promotions, lead generation and social profile set up and optimisation. The team’s aim is to deliver relevant and engaging content for businesses that simply do not have the time, resource or budget to manage their own social media. “Hands free” means just that – Colour Me Social takes care of everything for you.

  • Multiple posts to all social networks each day
  • Blog posts written and posted weekly (or more frequently on larger packages)
  • Create landing pages for digital content designed to capture email addresses of relevant clients (Lead Magnets)
  • Track social metrics / engagement etc.
  • All content posted by UK based team
Headline Results






Campaign Performance Breakdown

Here's how the campaign performed across each of the industry verticals and company size brackets in scope.

Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
Total: 4221 56% 553 13.1% 193 4.57% £44
11 – 50 3096 59% 440 14% 153 5% £40
51 – 200 1125 48% 113 10% 40 4.% £56