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How SPI Pharma used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile




Innovative products and solutions into the Pharma sector

Deal cycle:

3-9 months

Target profile


UK, Europe, North America, Asia & India

Company size:

SME and Enterprise


Senior technical and R&D roles

How SPI Pharma used Sopro to ensure they had enough demand to grow their sales team

Before building out their sales team, SPI Pharma needed to make sure they had a consistent and plentiful flow of leads. The Sopro campaign launched as the sales team finished their training, delivering a reliable flow of leads for the new team to convert.

Headline results

$90 cost per lead
4% lead rate
12% response rate
£56 cost per lead 4% lead rate 12% response rate

Company description

For over 75 years, we have supplied the pharmaceutical industry with highly engineered products and innovative solutions that improve the formulation and delivery of drug products to meet patient needs. Our functional excipients and active ingredients meet the highest-quality standards possible and can offer customised, cost-effective options for many applications.


SPI Pharma sell the ingredients, recipe and production instructions but not the finished product. The finished product is oral pharma products. For this campaign, we will focus on two of these products- Oral dispersible tech and soft gel capsules.


The Objective of the campaign is to identify and engage senior stakeholders within the SPI market, introduce the SPI brand and proposition and invite on a discovery call.

Our solution

The results

Sector Prospects Opened Opened % Responses Response % Leads Lead Rate % Cost Per Lead
Pharmaceuticals 1727 793 15.1% 213 12.3% 81 4.7% £ 53.30
Biotechnology 479 208 15.2% 57 11.9% 16 3.3% £ 74.84


Company Size Prospects Opened Opened % Responses Response % Leads Lead Rate % Cost Per Lead
51-200 333 230 22.2% 59 17.7% 23 6.9% £ 36.20
201-500 230 118 16.5% 40 17.4% 14 6.1% £ 41.07
501-1000 336 164 16.3% 67 19.9% 25 7.4% £ 33.60
1001-5000 333 132 13.1% 36 10.8% 15 4.5% £ 55.50
5001-10,000 566 220 13.0% 36 6.4% 11 1.9% £ 128.64
10,001+ 522 162 10.9% 38 7.3% 11 2.1% £ 118.64

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