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How ADIMUS used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile




Financial Services

Deal cycle:


Target profile


UK, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand

Company size:

SME to Enterprise



How Adimus used Sopro to inject fresh leads into the business without a dedicated sales team

Headline results

$56 cost per lead
6% lead rate
15% response rate
£35 cost per lead 6% lead rate 15% response rate

Company description

Adimus provides asset managers with a professional, dedicated and experienced marketing and distribution team.

The assets managers extensive experience of investment distribution combined with Adimus’ strong relationships with professional intermediaries, ensure they can provide value-added capital raising services.



Adimus wanted to identify and engage with senior roles within Financial Services, Investment Management and Investment Banking industries.

  • To promote the company among financial advisers and finance institutions
  • To drive market exposure through engagement and dialogue with interested prospects
  • To engage prospects, beginning conversations that would encourage them to become partners

Our solution

Adimus did not have a dedicated sales function but were keen to generate new business.

Internal teams didn’t have the capacity to reach out to the potential market, who need to focus on their primary roles. So they turned to the experts at Sopro: prospects are contacted by a financial advisor, but using a template that allows outreach at scale.

When interested prospects reply, the expert financial teams at Adimus seamlessly continue the conversations.

Campaign performance breakdown

Company Size Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
1-10 94 57.45% 27 50.00% 12 12.77% £16
11-50 305 59.34 % 84 46.41% 40 13.11% £15
51-200 415 52.53% 68 31.19% 37 8.92% £22
201-500 300 53.33% 63 39.38% 26 8.67% £23
501-1000 273 60.81% 39 23.49% 16 5.86% £34
1001-5000 395 52.66% 68 32.69% 31 7.85% £25
5001-10,000 57 45.61% 8 30.77% 5 8.77% £23
10,001+ 436 46.79% 36 17.65% 15 3.44% £58


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