Sales call tips that are blindingly obvious – but you’re probably not doing

Posted on: April 21, 2021

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Sales call tips that are blindingly obvious – but you’re probably not doing

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It’s the simple things that trip us up.

Time and time again.

For all the research and pseudo-science that surrounds the psychology and methodology of the sales call, there are actually some really simple things you can do to move a lead down that funnel.

So, when your next Sopro lead comes wining its way toward you – and you arrange to make that call – stop for just a second.

Here are the blindingly obvious sales call tips that you are probably not doing often enough.

1. Bring a little sunshine

Sometimes the simplest tricks are the best.

Make sure you make it feel like the sun is shining as you open that sales call. Never start by referring to bad weather, traffic snarls, horrendously busy days and so on. 

Have a ray of positivity tucked up your sleeve and slip it out to get things kicked off on the right foot.

2. Make them feel good about themselves

More rays of sunshine here.

When you make someone feel good about themselves it inspires them to want to live up to our image of them.

So, if you say “It’s been really lovely to talk to you,’ your prospect will want to continue to make it lovely.

Compliments work by making those receiving them want to live up to them.

And that’s very handy to remember.

3. Don’t refer negatively to competitors

As well as spreading the good stuff you should be careful of spreading the bad stuff.

In technical terms, psychologists call this “spontaneous trait transference“. In simple terms, you will, no doubt, recognise the tendency to place the negative traits applied to others onto the person voicing them.

So, if you question a competitor’s after-sales service, doubts begin to rise about yours. If you intimate that their third-party suppliers are far from ethical in their employment practice, it is your record that also becomes besmirched.

Don’t do it.

4. Stand up

This one really works.

To let your passion and excitement come through in your sales call take the simple step of standing up. Go on, give yourself space to roam so you can really get expansive.

Here’s the science bit: the more you free your body to gesture, the more vocal range you use. And when you increase your vocal range, your voice sounds natural and conversational. 

Headsets are also a great way to free up your hands during your call.

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5. Smile

You can try this one for yourself.

Record yourself saying something with and without a smile.

You’ll hear the difference immediately – talking through a smile creates a higher frequency in your mouth which changes the tone of your voice and reassures your prospect.

6. Get passionate

Sometimes it takes a bit of planning to get passionate. (Yep, romance is dead and all that.)

Passion is critical to selling but very few of us are ‘naturally’ passionate about what we sell. 

Make sure you find an angle that really excites you – tell yourself a story that motivates and inspires you, and you’ll have the same effect on others.

7. Keep it simple

Our tendency is to want to demonstrate the flexibility of our product or service – and to do this we outline its versatility.

But too many options will quickly confuse buyers. Do your research and reduce the number of options and features you want the prospect to focus on. 

This helps them reach decisions quicker, without worrying that they may be missing out.

8. Make it warm

With business intelligence software, social media, and other digital resources, there is no reason you shouldn’t plan and prepare for each call. 

You should research your prospect as well as their company. Probing their corporate social media accounts will reveal pain points and talking points.

9. Close with style

Having set yourself up for success the last thing you want is a sloppy close to be your last hurrah.

Make sure that you give clear verbal cues that the call is ending. The best way to do this is to provide a summary of the discussion and suggest next steps.

Don’t forget to check that everything has been covered by asking your prospect, ‘Is there anything we didn’t cover that I can try and answer for you right now?’

Finally, thank them for their time and make sure you leave them feeling warm with a little compliment or observation.

Simple, eh?

But are you doing them all…

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