Axonn Media
 Partner category: Digital Marketing
 HQ Location: London / Manchester, United Kingdom



Axonn Media is one of the UK’s top content marketing agencies with a vision to make content marketing simple for everyone.
SoPro represent the CCO with a direct outreach programme to identify and engage with senior Marketing stakeholders in UK businesses.


Their vision as a business is to make content marketing simple for everyone. Content marketing is all about being interesting and starting conversations with people you can help. Interruption-based advertising was fine for the 20th century, but the audience’s attention today is a valuable commodity which they won’t give up unless you’re giving them something they need.
In 2014, all of Axonn Media’s staff were involved in a process to define the values that Axonn as a company believes embody is the way to treat the clients and each other.
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Partnership Categories

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Tech firms – could your latest product or service be the perfect addition to our offering…?

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