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Enterprise businesses

Big brands trust Sopro.

Helping to deliver your B2B sales strategy through efficient, high quality lead flow

Sopro supports your existing sales strategy by plugging in a reliable flow of leads and improving sales efficiencies.

Sales reps spend the equivalent of an entire day each week writing emails. But they are not experts at this part of the pipeline: HubSpot research revealed 40% of reps cite prospecting as the hardest part of their job.

What if you could give them that day back, and hand prospecting to an outreach expert? With Sopro, outreach becomes a cost-effective channel in its own right and sales teams spend their days closing more sales.


Next level outreach

Sales reps don’t have time to focus on prospecting. Even SDRs don’t always follow up as often as they should; 70% of sales email chains stop if they don't receive a reply. Despite this and SDR support, the average sales rep only spends a third of their day actually selling.

With Sopro’s enhanced processes and industry leading tech, subject experts work on each stage of prospecting. Your business development is enhanced with a new, reliable and cost-effective channel.

The Sopro service plugs into existing tech stacks and ways of working to improve efficiency, solve outreach, and drive more sales.

No more legacy databases

Hosting, creating and maintaining a prospecting database is costly. The data quality diminishes quickly over time, even with regular data-feeds and cleansing practices.

The average person changes jobs - either company or role - every three years. So if a database isn’t live, half of the data is obsolete in 18 months. Even with updates, most databases only refresh tranches - leaving outdated information behind

Sopro eliminates these issues and provides real-time data for all lead generation activities. We build a bespoke list of prospects that exactly match your customer criteria from multiple live sources.

Not only are response rates are far higher, but your brand reputation remains protected.

Your dedicated team

A Sopro campaign comes with a dedicated team of experts. We want these
experts to feel like an extension of your team.

Account icon Client account manager

Data icon Data reporting and management

Tech icon Tech

Campaing operation icon Campaign operations manager

Compliance icon Compliance

Copywriter icon Specialist copywriter


Real-time reporting portal

Our client portal gives you control and transparency of your prospecting campaign.



Your Sopro portal allows you to adjust targeting, review and exclude prospects at an individual or company level, approve email templates, and tracks your onboarding status live.



The Sopro portal features real-time campaign reporting. Exportable in multiple formats, segmented in multiple ways. You can dive into the message history of every single contact.



An expert team and an intuitive portal make campaigns really user-friendly. But we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our tech team will customise solutions to match your needs.

Our platform. Your business.

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Product tour

logo Our platform gives you total control over your campaign. With onboarding, email templates, targeting, and compliance.

logo Access live results 24/7, dive into the campaign inbox an see the entire message history of every contact.

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ROI calculator

logo Our ROI tool uses live Sopro campaign results to calculate the return your campaign can expect.

logo Answer five simple questions to understand the value a Sopro campaign can bring to your business.

We do more so you can sell more


When you partner with Sopro for your digital outreach activity, we act as an extension to your existing team. We make this process as seamless as possible and fully tailor the approach around your business requirements.

Your goals become our goals. We strive to fully understand everything we can about what you’re trying to achieve and who your target market is.

Only then can we really zero in on the perfect prospects for your business, and write emails that connect with their needs.

Every stage of the onboarding journey has approval steps built in. You have full transparency and oversight, from technical set up to targeting, exclusions to messaging.


Sopro offers a variety of ways to sync your prospecting activity with your CRM.

We understand as an enterprise business you will have lots of tailored workflows which reflect the operational process within your company. The CRM integrations at Sopro have been developed to cover almost all client scenarios and needs. We offer lots of flexibility: you are able to choose what, when and where to feed into your CRM.

Integrate natively through API

Punch in your API key and watch prospects automatically drop into your CRM. Prospects are source coded and assigned to sales agents in accordance with your setup.

We integrate natively with:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive


We are able to integrate more than 3000 apps through Zapier, including all leading CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Custom-built CRM Integrations

We have an in-house development team which can create tailored integrations based on the specific requirements of your businesses.


The Sopro service packs a depth and breadth of skills that goes beyond any prospecting tool on the market. We might have leading tech behind the scenes, but the software is actually a very small part of the service.

  • There’s the prospect researcher, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the prospect list we build, engaging them on social networks.
  • There are compliance specialists, making sure our data is world-class and watertight.
  • There are data specialists; informalising data points and allowing us to deliver natural language personalisation at scale.
  • There are technical experts, developing a robust set-up to send and deliver hundreds of emails a day.
  • There are specialist copywriters, each with hundreds of prospecting emails under their belt and six years of Sopro learnings to draw from.

And at the front of that team, there is your dedicated team of two: the Campaign Operations Manager and Client Account Manager. These two work proactively and in tandem with your team to continually optimise the campaign.

Your campaign performance can improve dramatically over time, as your dedicated Sopro team analyse data, drive improvements, benchmark results, and know which levers to pull to get the most from your campaign.


We’ve made hundreds of technical and operational changes to ensure our processes are fully compliant.

We’ve received legal advice, employed a Data Protection Officer who has led our Compliance mission, adapted our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, improved our database functionality and worked with our suppliers and clients in order to ensure every aspect of our operation is 100% compliant.

Issues of compliance and B2B communications are regulated by different authorities and directives depending on the territory.

We ensure that we adhere to any and all relevant regulations – our business depends on it. And while we can’t go into the finer details here, you can read a brief outline below, or get in touch and we’ll happily walk you through it all.

Compliance regulations mean businesses must ensure marketing emails are directed only to individuals who are likely to find the content useful and relevant in their working capacity within the target business.

On that basis we ensure that:

  • We take all reasonable precautions to identify only the types of companies that meet the exact requirements of your campaign.
  • The topic of the email is clearly identified.
  • We carefully craft every email to ensure the topic is relevant to the business prospect.
  • There is a clear way to opt out from future emails.
  • Each email comes from a genuine email address.
  • Our client’s identity is clear and within each email.
  • We include a link to the privacy policy of our client which clearly describes how the data was collected, the lawful basis for processing, the data subject’s right to stop further processing, and who to contact to exercise their data rights.

As part of the campaign onboarding, Sopro will set up and register dedicated domain names to run your campaigns from. These domains will be registered to your organisation: you have full ownership.


We have a team of experts working on the management of data protection and security threats.

We have completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment and ensure that all appropriate security measures to protect our data and your data at all times.


Business isn’t constrained to 9 – 5, and neither are we. We provide live support to our clients whenever a campaign is live, so while your emails are firing out to your prospects, you can fire any questions at your support team.

All campaigns are overseen by real people, not automated and left to run. There’s no campaign activity that we can’t control.


Imagine knowing the name and job title of your website visitors in advance of them arriving on your website.

Imagine being able to not only personalise your outreach marketing, but also landing pages and the website journey.

Individually welcome visitors to your website and display the landing page that’s personalised just for them.

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