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Sopro sustainable prospecting

Sopro sustainable prospecting: growing business and

Sopro sustainable prospecting

Sopro has been at the forefront of B2B outreach for eight years, and we’re delighted to lead the way again with the introduction of sustainable prospecting.

As part of our new micro-gifting offering, our clients can offer their prospects a range of gifts to help secure a call or meeting. Foremost among those gifts is the choice to plant a tree.

One email costs around

0.3g of carbon each year.

One adult tree absorbs

25kg of carbon each year.


Each tree planted in the programme can absorb the equivalent of

83,333 emails every year.


Sopro’s sustainable prospecting is bringing a little more greenery into the world and leaving a little less carbon floating around. And you don’t even have to leave your desk!

Ryan Welmans


Why plant a tree?

Our partners enable individuals and businesses to take meaningful action against climate change by funding verified carbon reduction projects and tree planting initiatives. Offset your carbon footprint and support a range of environmental projects around the world by choosing to plant a tree.

Plant tree

Where are the trees planted?

Trees are planted in reforestation sites around the world, including Madagascar, Kenya, Brazil, Nicaragua and Uganda. Our partners plant an increasing number of trees every month and are continually supporting new projects around the world.

Our partners work with trusted local organisations, making sure that the right species of tree are planted in the right places. Local organisations are selected based on ecological knowledge and experience; monitoring capabilities; reputation; cooperation with local communities; labour practices; and project site protection capabilities.

The trees have an excellent survival rate of around 80-85%. Our partners choose local organisations and projects carefully to maximise success for both the projects and the survival of the trees.

Get a reliable flow of qualified B2B leads in two weeks

Sopro helps you sell more. Our fully-managed B2B prospecting service drives new sales enquiries from your ideal customers, and our sales engagement platform is packed with cutting-edge features to optimise your outreach and nurture your leads.

Target your ideal clients

Target your ideal clients

Reach more of your audience, discover new segments and test new markets

Leave prospecting to the experts

Leave prospecting to the experts

Our fully managed service contacts your target audience directly and delivers a reliable flow of leads

Hit targets and sell more

Hit targets and sell more

Sales enquiries land directly in your inbox, so you can focus on pitching and closing new deals

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