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Welcome to a world of email prospecting data. From industry benchmarks, the best time to send emails, which job titles to target and how company size affects results, it’s all covered in The State of Prospecting. Every Sopro client campaign benefits from the wealth of data and expertise we’ve built up over the years, and now you can access the last five years of results right here.

Prospecting gets your message direct-to-inbox, but every industry responds differently to prospecting. Discover which verticals have the highest lead rates, if high open rates always lead to more responses, and uncover new markets to test.

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Least polite industries.

Least polite industries

Industry Response rate
Banking 2.1%
Manufacturing 2.2%
Computer Software 2.2%
Internet 2.2%
Computer and Network Security 2.3%
Most polite industries.

Most polite industries

Industry Response rate
Public Relations and Communications 5.7%
Nonprofit Organization Management 5.7%
Government Administration 5.6%
Machinery 5.5%
Architecture & Planning 5.4%
Least prospected industries.

Least prospected industries

Industry Email sent
Manufacturing <0.1%
Architecture and Planning 0.1%
Market Research 0.2%
Investment Banking 0.2%
Security and Investigations 0.2%
Most prospected industries.

Most prospected industries

Industry Email sent
Financial Services 6.0%
Information Technology and Services 5.5%
Retail 3.7%
Construction 3.6%
Computer Software 3.2%

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Industry Open % Response % Lead %
Industry Open % Response % Lead %
The State of Prospecting 2024

The State of Prospecting 2024

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