September 12, 2022

Could the Severance TV show happen in real life?

Lily Ruaah

Severance gave us a chilling insight into what businesses could look like in the future. But could that ever happen in real life?

Business growth
September 5, 2022

“I’ve got too many leads”: How to convert leads into sales

Lily Ruaah

If you’re struggling to get leads, having too many leads might sound like a blessing but too many leads can lead to missed sales.

B2B sales Lead nurturing
August 25, 2022

Prospecting new business: How and why to pitch to start-ups

Lily Ruaah

Start-ups could easily be last on your prospecting list. But here's why start-ups could be your ideal customers and how to prospect to them.

August 18, 2022

Are my open rates a lie?: False opens in Gmail

Lily Ruaah

We've recently discovered that your email campaign open rate might be inflated. Find out why and what you can about it in our latest blog.

Prospecting Technical set-up
August 4, 2022

Can selling ever be ethical?: Sales ethics and what they are

Lily Ruaah

Sales ethics are an important part of selling but how can you adhere to sales ethics and make a profit? We explore how the face of sales is changing forever.

B2B sales
July 28, 2022

How to shorten your sales cycle

Lily Ruaah

Does a long sales cycle mean a bad sales cycle? Take a look at our latest blog to see tips on how to shorten your sales cycle or improve it.

B2B sales Optimising the sales process