SoPro solves the December dip with improved festive prospecting

With Christmas just around the corner, our attention turns again to strategy. You might remember last year we took a stats supported approach to the seasonal schedule, we wanted to ensure the [...]


What is Social Prospecting?

Just a quick post today, lots of definitions popping up online around the term Social Prospecting... here's ours.


What’s in a SoPro Email?

What's in a SoPro email? Mixing the cut and polished language of executives with the playground banter of real business.


60 Second SoPro – Explainer Animation

End to end in 60 seconds, animated, spectacular... and totally bonkers.


Face Value

What does your approach to sales prospecting say about your business?


New LinkedIn changes – Jan 2017

LinkedIn makes a series of changes to core functionality in 2017. We have reviewed and listed out the notable differences to each account tier.


Holiday Prospecting – The Ideal Schedule

Have you planned your festive prospecting schedule. What are the experts doing? SoPro gives a stats based assessment.


SoPro – Leveling Up

With the launch of our brand new website and branding, today feels a bit like we're levelling up.

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