What would the unimprovable prospecting
service look like?

Back in 2014 we set ourselves the challenge of answering some big questions.

What steps would you put in place if you had access to the best talent, systems and processes imaginable?  How would you combine the reach of social with the power of integrated data partners… how would you weave in expert creative writing skills and how would you craft your message?  What platforms would you use to search and identify prospects?  How would you make contact with prospects?  What schedule of contact would you employ… when should you send your emails… how should the data be managed?  Should we use a CRM system?  What about exclusions?  Which elements can be automated… which aspects need to be handled by a team?  How long is “too long” to search for an email address? What reporting processes should be place?

We set out to learn the answers first hand and ever since then we’ve been busy building the best prospecting service in the world… now neatly packaged as the modern SoPro service.

Here are a few steps that made the final cut.

We Identify


Nothing moves until we can articulate the exact problem you solve and the people you solve it for.

Our team will spend as long as it takes to understand your business and where you fit within the market.


First we will ask you to define your ideal sales prospect.

Locations / Industries / Departments / Prospect seniority level / Any other factors


List build

Once we clearly understand your target profile SoPro experts will combine leading social networking tools with our professional databases and integrated 3rd party data services to produce a database of active prospects matching your exact business criteria.

We Research

Quality assurance

We operate a stringent QA process.  SoPro experts assess every prospect based on a personal understanding of your proposition, business and goals.


Full exclusions management. Individual and company level exclusions accepted, we also exclude all 1st level LinkedIn connections by default.


We have a bit of experience knowing what works and what doesn’t.  We’ll craft a unique, personalised and conversational introduction, designed to invite each prospect to a brief call or meeting to discuss your product or service.

We Engage

Passive Engage

SoPro will passively engage with each prospect through social media prior to making direct contact. This subtle step can double open rates by developing personal familiarity and brand awareness in advance.

Direct Engage

Our prospecting team will contact 50 prospects per day on your behalf,  engaging each prospect with a personalised intro, inviting them to discuss your product or service over a brief call or meeting.

Follow up

Our team will conduct a series of non-intrusive follow-up and chaser activities to maximize re-engagement rates across the initial non-responders.  A valuable step considering 30-50% of all responses come from these latter engagements.