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Introducing the state of prospecting 2024

Posted on: January 17, 2024

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Introducing The State of Prospecting 2024

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It’s here! The official launch of The State of Prospecting whitepaper for 2024. Get in the know with plenty of data-fueled insights for outbound marketing.

We’re kicking off the new year in style with the release of The State of Prospecting 2024 report! Our third annual report, and the most in-depth yet. 

We’ve surveyed 377 senior decision makers, poured over data from 75.2 million emails and over nine million multi-channel touchpoints, worked in conjunction with 82 top industries, and used our valuable eight years of data and expertise to bring you relevant and reliable insights. 

Email has been the outstanding lead in outreach strategy for many years, which hasn’t changed (much). However, with technological developments and diversification present industry-wide, we’ve uncovered what’s next for the world of prospecting. 

“Sopro started with email because that’s how people want to be contacted. This year’s survey shows that fact hasn’t changed and that email remains the top channel for driving sales conversations. But the secret is clearly out, and a fresh approach is needed to stand out from the masses and increase results.”

There’s a lot of data to pour over, but here are some of the key findings that we’ve dug into:

  • Buyers want sellers to contact them, and they prefer email.
  • Competition is heating up. Standing out is increasingly difficult.
  • Messages must be personal, genuine and authentic.
  • Multi-channel prospecting meets prospects in the right place.
  • Timing is everything: Buyer intent connects you with buyers at the right time.

*Spoilers ahead* 

There are many challenges facing the industry. But one of the most resounding stats that stick out to us this year is that “75% of B2B companies say results are better when email prospecting is combined with other outbound marketing channels.” This coincided with lead rates falling for email-only prospecting, highlights how much the industry is evolving. 

Businesses need to reach out via multiple channels while still encapsulating that need for personalisation and relevance with every avenue. 

Filled with infographics, charts, expert evaluations and data, we think this year’s State of Prospecting report will knock your socks off. Let’s get into it. Stay one step ahead of the competition, and have a read.

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