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Timing is everything: connecting with customers at the perfect moment

Timing is everything: connecting with customers at the perfect moment

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At any one time, 95% of your target market is not in-market, so when you reach out to them is just as important as what you say. We uncover how to connect with them at the right time.

In sales – much like comedy, making toast, or the perfect romantic gesture – timing is everything.

But we’re not just talking about a matter of days or hours. Even minutes make a difference.

Conversion rates are EIGHT times greater in the first five minutes after a contact expresses interest. (InsideSales)

By adding buyer intent data to your outreach campaigns, you can connect with potential clients in more of the moments that matter.

Increasingly, you can access interest signals from prospects that go beyond someone simply filling in a form to book a demo. And with competition heating up in B2B outreach, you need to be looking out for buyer intent signals if you want to truly up your sales game.

What are buyer intent signals?

Buyer intent signals are actions by potential buyers that suggest they are interested in making a purchase. These signals provide insights into the intentions and preferences of prospects, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing and sales strategies accordingly. 

Imagine your prospect spots you from across the room – if you weren’t looking, you might miss their advances. With buyer intent, you get notified someone is interested in you, giving you the chance to walk over to them and strike up a conversation.

By monitoring and interpreting buyer intent signals, you can identify high-value leads at the exact moment they are looking for a solution like yours. Not only that, but you can personalise your messaging ultimately leading to increased conversion rates.

Why is it essential to reach prospects at the right time?

In short, because lead response times matter. 

Inside Sales reviewed over 55 million sales activities on 5.7 million outbound leads at over 400 companies, and found that 57% of first-call attempts occurred after more than a week. But after just five minutes, conversion rates dropped by eight times. And there’s more research on this… 

According to Havard Business Review, companies that made an effort to reach out to prospective customers within one hour of receiving an inquiry were almost seven times more likely to successfully have a significant conversation with a key decision maker compared to just one hour later.

Not only that, they were more than 60 times as likely compared to businesses that waited for 24 hours or even longer before initiating contact.

All this shows us if you’re not reaching out to prospects at the right time, you could be missing out on a lot of revenue! 


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How Sopro helps you meet your prospects at the perfect time 

Reaching prospective buyers at the right time can be the difference between a missed sale or a success, but how can you find out when the right time is? With Sopro, it’s easy. Our multi-channel prospecting service helps you connect with prospects at the perfect moment in different ways.

IP Match and Engage

Our IP Match and Engage tool converts unknown website visitors into identified businesses. We then use your specific targeting criteria to source all the relevant prospects from these companies, and add them to  in your campaign.

This process adds a previously unknown buyer who has shown intent to your engagement campaign. It also adds all their relevant peers – so your brand is more likely to be prominent for the multiple buyers in the decision-making unit.

While your analytics software may only indicate an anonymous visit, our IP Match and Enage service enables us to interact with high-value prospects on your behalf and discover entirely new audience segments for your business.

In short, it turns inbound interest into outbound activity.

“IP Match and Engage is a feature that some companies charge for – in fact, it’s an entire business model for some. But we know how valuable it is to our clients’ campaigns, and that’s why we give it to all Sopro customers free of charge.”

Steve Harlow, CSO, Sopro

Prospect Intent Tracking

Prospect Intent Tracking reveals the actual named people browsing your site from your outreach campaigns.

You’ll be given all the relevant information about that individual’s identity and activities: their name, job title, company, LinkedIn profile, and the specific web pages they have visited and when.

You can even create rules to be notified of high-intent events, like high-value page visits or returning visitors. That means you can contact buyers at the exact point they are weighing up which company to choose.

Been notified a prospect is on your site? You could reach out yourself, or just leave it to us! We’ll fire across a LinkedIn connection and outreach message from your sales agent.

LinkedIn Outreach

Connecting with your prospects across multiple platforms is a surefire way to get their attention and stay in their mind for longer. Our LinkedIn Outreach service makes reaching hundreds of qualified prospects this way a hands-free upgrade to your outreach campaigns.

Best practice

LinkedIn lead generation best practices

LinkedIn lead generation best practices for 2024 and beyond. From setting up the perfect profile to posting like a pro, we’ve got it covered.

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Some prospects might need a little more incentive, especially if you’re selling high-value products. Sopro offers optional Gifting as part of your campaigns.

This is where you can send a little special something to your most valued prospects. From digital gifts such as coffee or food vouchers to physical gifts such as cupcakes, vegan brownies and alcohol, you’ll be able to find something everyone can enjoy.

A well-timed gift can make all the difference especially when the prospect is weighing up different companies. You want to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

With these features, you can connect with an even larger pool of your ideal customers and initiate more conversations based on real-time customer interest. Everything seamlessly integrates into the Sopro platform, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your progress and measure your success.

If you’re eager to amplify your sales, expand your customer connections, and elevate your outreach efforts to new heights, it’s time to kickstart your Sopro campaign and unlock its full potential.

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