September 6, 2023

Building an email list from scratch: a comprehensive guide

Tom Pople

How to build your own sales email list and tips for making the process quicker and easier - without compromising the quality of your data!

B2B data email list
May 25, 2023

Cookies and birthday cake: GDPR turns five

Colette Hagan-Young

As GDPR turns five years old, we’re reflecting on the last half-decade, and what’s changed in the world of digital communications.

B2B data GDPR and compliance
April 20, 2023

GDPR sales prospecting: how to be compliant

Craig Mathewson

You need to be GDPR compliant when sales prospecting. But what does that mean? We detail the laws and everything you need to know.

B2B data GDPR and compliance
March 10, 2023

How to send compliant B2B emails in the US

Colette Hagan-Young

Sending sales emails in the United States? Here’s what you need to know about staying compliant when sending US B2B emails.

B2B data GDPR and compliance
January 19, 2023

How to build the perfect B2B prospecting database

Darren Gooding

An up-to-date, relevant database is the first secret to successful prospecting. How can you build the perfect B2B prospecting database?

B2B data Prospecting database
7 deadly data sins
October 10, 2022

Time to confess: Are you guilty of the 7 deadly data sins?

Colette Hagan-Young

Do your prospecting data habits make you a sinner or a saint? We’ll look at the 7 deadly data sins - and how to avoid them.

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