September 6, 2023

Building an email list from scratch: a comprehensive guide

Tom Pople

How to build your own sales email list and tips for making the process quicker and easier - without compromising the quality of your data!

B2B data email list
May 4, 2022

How to set up a lead disposition process

Tom Pople

What is lead disposition? What does it deliver and how can you get in on the fun? This post will guide you through how you can set up your own lead disposition process, and what you have to gain from it.

B2B sales Lead scoring
December 13, 2021

How to flush out the problems with your sales pipeline review meetings

Tom Pople

The pipeline review is a critical tool for accurate forecasting – so here are some healthy purges you can prescribe to flush out any problems.

B2B sales Optimising the sales process
November 19, 2021

The 10 best sales books that you have never read

Tom Pople

We undertook the truly difficult task of chiselling our favourite sales books down to a top 10 list.

B2B sales
September 27, 2021

How to kick tyre kickers into touch

Tom Pople

Tyre kickers are time wasters.They are prospects who are coming along for the ride without any intention of paying their fare. Find out how to kick them into touch once and for all.

B2B sales