The three main things that your linkedin posts should focus on

Posted on: November 9, 2021

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The three main things that your LinkedIn posts should focus on

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Think about how it makes you feel.

A salesperson you know regularly appears in your LinkedIn feed. And yet, you always gloss over their posts in favour of something more useful and interesting.


Because you know from bitter experience that the only thing they ever post about is their own company or how good their own solution is.


In fact, you vow that the next time you see another of these dull, self-serving posts you are going to click on those three vertical dots in the top right of their post and select Unfollow.

Understandable, isn’t it?

It’s like every time you bumped into a certain salesperson in the course of your working life, they immediately hit ‘pitch mode’ and started raining down vague boasts and promises about their company.

At best you’d be sure to actively avoid them at the next networking event. And, at worst, you may let fly a string of expletives.

Here’s the thing:

It is fine to share information about what you are selling on LinkedIn, but you need to dilute one part in four with other content.

And here’s the other three parts you can throw into the mix.

#1/ Topics in your industry that are a focus for your prospects

Beyond those four walls that you work within there lies an entire industry that needs exploring, explaining and examining.

Your best bet here is to pick two or three topics and start curating content, opinion, statistics, news and ideas.

Your aim is to be seen as an expert in each of these areas so:

  • Share articles
  • Express or canvass opinions
  • Post surveys
  • Ask questions
  • Curate news
  • Host webinars
  • Create your own content

Remember, that the more niche and focussed your topic can be, the better chance you have of staking a claim in uncontested territory. And if you are worried about being button-holed as a one-trick pony, it’s worth bearing in mind that people find it much easier to zoom out to the general from the specific, than the other way round.

Which is to say that should you be known as an expert in automating tools for prospecting you will also be regarded as a thought leader in new business generation.

#2/ Professional topics from outside your industry that have a wider currency

We all love an expert, but it’s hard to relate to an egg-head.

To establish yourself as a three-dimensional person, rather than a one-dimensional boffin, you should try to mix into your posts content about topics that are relevant to the wider world of work, but not directly related to what you sell or the industries you sell to.

In doing this you will achieve two very beneficial things.

Firstly, you will come across as a deeper, more rounded individual. It humanises you and removes any lingering doubt that you are ‘just a salesperson’.

Secondly, it increases your appeal. Your prospects may also hold an interest in this area and the topic can now create a bridge between the two of you.

To help you decide on some areas to call your own, here are a few ideas:

  • Hybrid work patterns
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • The changing approaches to a work/life balance
  • Outsourcing versus inhouse
  • How AI will affect the way we work
  • Automation and employment
  • The best productivity hacks for the office
  • The influence of Google
  • The changing face of the global economy
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Get in the know

#3/ The person in the salesperson

While posting pictures of Friday night drinks, the kids and the significant other will probably lose as many people as it wins over on LinkedIn, there are other more appropriate ways that you can humanise yourself.

One of the best ways to do this, while maintaining a professional demeanour, is by sharing photographs of you and the people that you interact with through work.

Photos are a powerful way to gain recognition and engage others. There’s no need to turn your LinkedIn feed into an Instagram-style sharing platform, but a consistent stream of photos is an important part of establishing your personal brand.

Here are some ideas on things to post:

  • Visits to an existing customer alongside a testimonial.
  • When you attend a conference, trade show, or other industry event, making certain that the photo positions you among many other participants you can tag.
  • Anything from training days to award nights – take group photos with your team and share with your network.

Variety is the spice of posting

Make sure you are never that party bore.

Mix up your posts to keep your prospects engaged and asking for the next dance!

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