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Super september: four reasons to expect a killer sales month

Posted on: August 15, 2022

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Super September: Four reasons to expect a killer sales month

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The summer slump can be a test of nerves but it’s almost over, bring back the log fires and spiced lattes… well maybe it’s a bit soon for that. But you’ll be pleased to hear it is almost time for your sales to pick up again.

So, get your sales team prepped for Sept because this autumn is going to see a killer sales cycle indeed. 

It’s “Back to School” 

But Ryan… what do your pesky kids going back to school have to do with my B2B sales figures? Well, dear reader, it’s all about the “back to school mentality”

For many of us, the real year runs September to August, and with this year’s post covid holiday bunching being overlaid atop of the natural summer slowdown, the 2022 business world is a more seasonal beast than ever. 

September brings with it a resurgence of motivation, kids are back in their natural habitat and executives trade in flip-flops for brogues once more. 

The OOO’s officially end

We’ve all seen the endless OOO replies, including our own. 

But there are ways to combat the quiet and those that continue prospecting can reap huge rewards in the Autumn when their summer outreach, with it’s extended decision cycles, overlays huge winfalls of new clients on top of already bumper September figures. 

Looking for more summer slump stats?  Check out our report Sun, sea and sales: how to avoid the summer slump

It’s getting cooler

We’ve had a hot summer – the hottest on record. But those days are coming to an end. It’s finally cooling down.

But what does that have to do with sales? 

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to focus when it’s 30 degrees outside and we’re counting the minutes to the sweet relief of an icy beverage. And while the office AC might be doing its day job, it is well known that hot weather can severely hamper productivity.  

Christmas is coming

Okay it’s four months away… but the festivities on the horizon means another slow down and many businesses are pumping the gas right now to get ahead of the game, conscious they just have three good months to get things moving again.

Data-wise, we’re actually already seeing an uptick as markets appear keen to get the post-summer ball rolling early this year. But you can see from our previous years, September is nearly always the record breaker.

From August 2020 to September 2020, we saw a 45% rise in deals closed, and we saw an increase of 12.5% in 2021. In fact, September was the most successful month for deals closed in 2020. So don’t underestimate the post summer bump.

So with storm clouds finally brewing and thunder rolling in, it’s time to get out there and make it rain.

How to smash sales in September

All of these factors are going to give you a boom in sales in September. 

But you need to do your part too. 

It’s time to:

  • Ramp up your prospecting  –  double it… triple it, every volume increase will pay you dividends. 
  • Refresh your email messaging – those tweaks and improvements will keep your outreach fresh, topical and focused.  
  • Wheel out the experts… if you’ve been thinking about getting in a B2B sales engagement platform (like us) to show you how it’s done, then now is definitely the time.
  • Amp up those targets – big incentives, big investments and big targets.  Raise the bar and commit to building that much needed autumn sales momentum. 

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