Pandemic proofing your digital strategy

Posted on: April 16, 2020

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Pandemic proofing your digital strategy

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SoPro’s Ryan Welmans dives into details with Enterprise Lab’s Ketan Makwana and serial entrepreneur Piers Mummery to discuss the best ways to pandemic proof your digital strategy.

Here’s the Webinar:

Several great points and topics covered in the conversation, for further detail we have listed out the supporting content for each of the main points discussed below.

General stance on the approach we should consider where possible:

SoPro coronavirus industry impact study – 150 industries assessed:

How to restructure your digital outreach:

Why you should not fear the consequences of marketing during the pandemic:

Which marketing channels are still available?  View our summary table here:

Adjusting your digital strategy.  Some of the recent success stories we’ve seen already:

SoPro Project Balloon. What’s it’s all about?

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