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“i’ve got too many leads”: how to convert leads into sales

Posted on: September 5, 2022

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Category: B2B sales

“I’ve got too many leads”: How to convert leads into sales

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What to do if your leads aren’t converting, and actionable tips to help turn prospects into customers.

If you’re struggling to get leads, having too many leads might sound like a blessing rather than a curse – but too many leads can be just as bad as not enough. 

Last week we covered how to get leads, and now you’ve mastered our lead conversion top tips, your inbox is probably brimming with warm or hot leads. But these are no good if you can’t turn those leads into customers. So what can you do?

We run through our seven top tips on how to convert B2B leads into sales:

Have a really good website

It’s no secret that your clients are going to have lots of questions throughout the sales process – and without those answers, they’re unlikely to convert. You need to be mindful that those clients might not come to you with those questions and will often search for the answers themselves, usually on your website. That means having a quality website that displays and explains your product or service clearly and concisely. 

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and simple to use. A client or potential customer needs to be able to go onto your website, easily find out everything they need, and feel more confident in your product or service. 

Take a look at the Business News Daily’s tips for building an effective business website

Have really good content on that website

Having a great website isn’t possible without great content (and yes that’s coming from a content writer). Great content isn’t only going to convince your leads that you run an upstanding business, it will also help you rank better on Google. 

Google’s algorithm looks at a number of different factors when ranking pages, and you might think it’s just SEO but well-written, non-spammy content also plays a major part. This is why it’s always important (and yes, this is coming from a content writer again) to invest in engaging, distinctive content for your brand.

Useful content to include on your website:

  • A blog
  • A whitepaper 
  • Your own data and results
  • Testimonials 
  • An FAQ page

The last one is particularly important to leads – think about what they might want to know and answer those questions on an easy-to-access FAQ page. 

Find out about sales enablement content that should include on your website. 

The emails are really important

“Well, duh…”, you might be thinking. But how could we write a list about lead conversion without including B2B email marketing?

An email marketing campaign is the bread and butter of lead generation, and the follow-up emails you send can make all the difference in converting those leads. No one sends out one initial email and then never sends another – it’s a delicate game of cat and mouse, you want to lure your prospects in with a few emails, and once those turn into leads, you want to keep them interested. 

Your emails need to stand out against the competition and stand out in your client’s inbox. That means writing excellent emails and utilising personalisation to make an impact on your potential customer. Here at Sopro, we’re experts at this, book a demo and ask our experienced team how you can write emails that will improve your lead conversion.

Lead scoring (what’s that?)

Working out which leads to chase stops you from wasting valuable time on someone who isn’t going to convert (at least not right now). 

Lead scoring is a way to rank your leads on how likely they are to convert, meaning you can just focus on those. This is key for your business if you’re a start-up or have a small team. If you only have a few team members then their precious time should be spent nurturing leads that will actually close a deal. 

Want to know more? Check out our blog on lead scoring best practices

It can be as simple as a question

“Do you want to know why she went out with him and not you?”


“Because she actually asked him.”

Wise words from the writers of Brooklyn 99, and an important message. Have you actually asked your leads to buy?

You might not realise how much you beat around the bush during the sales process. There’s a lot of explaining why your product is great and how it can solve your client’s pain points but that’s all read between the lines for “buy my products or services”. So, why not ask straight up?

It might seem a little forward but after an initial email and a chaser, why not ask: are you interested in closing a deal with us? Because otherwise, you could be wasting your time. People tend to be (try to be) polite in these situations, and someone could seem interested just through politeness, with no intention to buy. Be straightforward and ask the decision makers if they want to buy.

Gifting can be as much as a discount

You might want to offer your potential customers a little incentive to close a deal with you. Some people might send out lavish gifts: fine wines, hampers, theatre tickets. But not everyone can budget to pamper their clients, especially not clients that haven’t even closed a deal yet. 

One way to incentivize your leads is to offer a discount. Everyone loves a bargain, particularly when it’s solely for them. So, if you feel a client slipping away, why not reach out and offer a discount – nothing that will break the bank, but something that says “we care about your custom 😉”. 

Having the right/enough resources

Your lead conversion is only as good as your team – you might have the best team in the world but if you don’t have enough people or enough resources to handle your leads then your lead conversion will suffer. 

This is where Sopro comes in. We’re a team, a team of prospecting experts ready to help you to convert those B2B leads into sales. If you’re lucky enough to be struggling with too high lead volume then we can help you to convert those leads into paying customers.

What can Sopro do for you? Book a demo today and find out. 

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