Hopper video joins the g33k group incubator programme

Posted on: September 19, 2019

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Hopper Video joins the G33K Group Incubator programme

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As a sales and marketing incubator group that prides itself on attracting and growing technology businesses with a B2B customer focus, we’re delighted to announce that Hopper Video joins as the 11th member of the group. For some time, we have been looking for a tech platform that could add something extra special to G33K Holdings. 

Hopper Video is a dynamic video platform, also based in Brighton, that makes it possible for clients to produce and distribute personalised video and email platform proven to increase leads, sales and / or overall levels of engagement for its customers. 

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Hopper Video founder Matthew Cooper since when he set up The Box, a Brighton based animation and video production studio. 

Three years ago, the team @ The Box wanted to reach new prospects, but the usual method of cold calling wasn’t opening enough doors. So, they made a promotional video and manually added in personalised details for each video. From the 24 videos they produced and sent they secured 8 meetings – many of which were enquiries about personalised videos for those companies to use with prospects. This led Matthew and his team to realised that they had hit on something special. And so, the idea behind Hopper Video was born and the hard work to create the video tech platform began.

What we LOVE about Hopper Video is that it has endless possibilities. Customers can create personalised videos using existing animation or film or create something from scratch. What they personalise is up to them. 

Software company Condeco used Hopper Video as a sales tool and sent out 12,000 personalised videos over 48 hours. This cold email campaign resulted in a click-through-rate of 4.5%; more than double the average for the software sector. 

Brighton5, a not-for-profit organisation helping troubled teens, sent out 200 videos as part of a fundraiser. 1 in 4 people watched their video and within 48 hours 4% had made donations, raising £15,000. An amazing ROI given the cost of the Hopper Video campaign was £1,050 and it was up and running in three days. 

The UK is a hotbed for technology start-ups. And we are thrilled to have found one that could complement our existing businesses whilst delivering something fresh and new. No-one else has developed a video production platform that can do what Hopper Video does. The impact of personalisation across digital channels is emerging and has huge potential – it gives client a cost-effective and smart way to grab their prospects attention and delivers much higher conversion rates.

About our incubator programme

G33K Holdings is a UK-based group of tech businesses providing marketing, technical and creative services to a progressive world.  We’ll accept up to five successful Seed or Series A businesses each year to benefit from strategic mentoring, financial support and a tailored mix of managed growth services. Incubator successes include:


About Hopper

Hopper Video is the personalised video and email platform. Used for lead generation, ongoing customer engagement and fundraising. Hopper is proven to outperform other methods of communication. Hopper Video is based in Brighton, UK. 

To learn more visit http://www.hoppervideo.com or email hello@hoppervideo.com

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