July 28, 2023

How to sign off a sales email

Colette Hagan-Young

Why a good closing line is important for sales emails, what makes a good sign off, and examples of great closers that get responses.

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July 6, 2023

Go beyond name and company: How to nail personalisation in cold emails

Daniela Rufolo

How do you strike the balance between personalisation and automation? Here’s how to create good personalised cold emails.

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June 30, 2023

How to write cold emails that work for US audiences

Colette Hagan-Young

Looking to reel in US sales? Here's how to write cold email templates that get American prospects hooked for more.

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November 3, 2022

Your TOV: Why you shouldn’t get precious when prospecting

James Mills

Every great brand has a distinctive tone of voice but can using that TOV in your prospecting actually damage your leads?

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October 28, 2022

Don’t get ghosted: how to write a killer follow-up email

Lily Ruaah

Writing a killer follow up email can make all the difference to your lead rates. Learn how to write an email chaser that will get results.

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March 1, 2022

How we make sure your prospecting emails get opened

Darren Gooding

Discover how to benchmark, analyse, and improve every aspect of your prospecting campaign using our data.

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