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Prospecting FAQs

There’s no question too small.

We’ve been offering Prospecting as a service for longer than anyone in the UK. It’s all we do. And we love it. We’ve written some answers to your most frequent questions below.

Our team are on hand to start working on your campaign today. In most cases your prospecting activity will be live within in 14 working days. During this time, we will build your targeted prospect database, we will de-list any exclusions, set up your prospect engagement templates, configure campaign volumes to meet your lead requirements and fully brief our prospecting team.

Done right, social prospecting shouldn’t feel spammy to the recipient. We’ve refined our prospecting service so that email copy feels like one to one outreach. Our targeting refines your prospecting audience down to businesses that you have a solution for. You are not cold selling or spamming, the idea is you are offering a service or product that can genuinely help them.

From the legal and data side, most marketing formats have evolved to rely heavily on the use of customer data. GDPR is a rule set governing the circumstances and manner in which data can be processed legally. It also introduces some scary consequences for falling foul of the law. GDPR also sets out the framework for which types of data are considered Private and should be treated as such. The GDPR-savvy phrase used to describe private data is Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Most business are surprised by the amount of PII stored within their systems, often without any specific intent or purpose.

Sopro social prospecting is 100% human to human. Of course, our platform will batch certain functions such as email append and email verification jobs, however even these batched processes are run manually by our team.

In terms of the prospect experience, each qualified prospect is engaged on a one-to-one basis with a personalised introduction to your brand or business.

We have years of experience getting the best results from every contact and our experts will identify interests, mutual connections and profile commonalities for every target and use these to craft the perfect introduction

Our simple price plans support campaign-based or rolling monthly activity. We have a modest setup cost and our minimum campaign duration is 3 months, after that just give us a month’s notice at any point

For reasons of practicality the smallest campaign size we can support is 50 prospect engagements per day, this equates to roughly 750 contacts per month or £1,500/month in budgetary terms.

That’s £1,500 for 750 prospects. Every prospect identified, researched and fully engaged. Compare that with your internal cost per prospect engagement and the business case is a no-brainer. Every time.

We use all good social networks, leading search engines and a variety of integrated data brokers together with internal sources to build a clear picture of each prospect, then we engage prospects passively via social media and directly via email.

You can access all your Sopro campaign stats through our intuitive web portal, the Sopro Hub. Think of it as a one stop shop for everything you need to know about your Sopro campaign, the place where all your questions are answered in our beautiful, analytical manner. The Hub presents your campaign performance through clear dashboards and detailed reports, together with a multitude of useful tools including exclusions management, prospect approval, data extracts, email templates, GDPR FAQS, CRM integration settings and more.

Sopro do not operate to any known geographical restrictions. We are able to provide Prospecting services globally.

We are currently prospecting in a number of languages and territories. We have no technical limitation with respect to language, we do ask that you can support the full sales process including pitch, proposal and contract, in any languages you are prospecting in.

Sopro have offices in London, Brighton and Skopje. We don’t actually need to meet you in person to set up a social Prospecting campaign but we like to if we can.

We will invoice you monthly in advance. Pay whenever you like, your campaign will start/resume upon receipt of payment. We are happy to take payment by credit card, direct debit or standard EFT, just ask your account manager.

No problem at all. Most Sopro clients have some form of irregularity in their prospecting requirements, whether it’s sales team holidays, seasonal peaks and troughs, or event schedules.

We are regularly asked to tailor prospecting schedules and that’s absolutely fine. Pauses can be requested at any point and while on pause, monthly prospecting credits simply accumulate on your account, rolling over monthly until the campaign restarts.

In situations where you might want to pause a campaign for a week or two (i.e. less than a month) to accommodate holidays or other short periods of unavailability, Sopro will work our scheduling magic to ensure we deliver the agreed volume of Prospecting activity within the active days of the month.

We take a common-sense approach here and if you’re active for only four days of the month we won’t try to deliver a full months’ worth of prospecting in these days. In this case, your remaining prospect credits simply roll over to the following month.

Most clients find a slightly accelerated rate of delivery is the perfect way to get sales straight back to full speed after a break.

Please provide five days’ notice for short pauses.

Monthly prospect credits remain unaffected. Billing remains unaffected.

In situations where you might want a campaign paused for a month or two (i.e. to accommodate staff restructure or periods of seasonality) we will place your campaign ‘on ice’ for up to three months and retain the campaign in fully a reactivatable state.

In these situations, we require the usual 30 days’ notice, then on the basis of having a confirmed restart date Sopro will keep your campaign on ice, all messaging and technical setup will be saved, all account logins will function as usual during the pause and no setup fees will be chargeable on return. All data, stats, insights and analysis will be saved and the restart will be treated as a continuation of the same campaign.

Please provide 30 days’ notice for long pauses. Activity will stop. Prospecting credits will cease during the pause. Billing will stop. Account logins will remain active. Requires restart date confirmed in writing.

Read our dedicated GDPR compliance FAQ.