No matter what the shiny salesperson tells you. Nothing makes it okay to send 1000 connection requests to unknown prospects through LinkedIn.

Worse still if the intention is to follow up your connection accepts with an immediate mini-pitch. Nothing infuriates your prospects faster than this kind of reckless approach to B2B marketing, yet we see it time and time again, day in day out.

Does it really work?

Does it really matter?

At SoPro, we really have no idea what the results of a LinkedIn connection request based campaign might look like.  But we do know that you’re risking far more than your campaign cost.  Spamming high volume connection requests through LinkedIn with bolt-on sales pitches is a fast track to the FRO list.  And you don’t want to be there.

Watch in vein as previously approachable prospects systematically sever their fleeting connections with you, as they casually report you for today’s onslaught of social spam. And don’t even think about sending an email now.  Your firm just made the blacklist, a fast growing club.