How to scale up your start up with prospecting

Rich Tipple

Posted on: December 2, 2020

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How to scale up your start up with prospecting

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At the recent Start Up Scale Up Summit we joined thousands of founders online to explore how best to take their businesses to the next level by injecting scalability into it.
We, of course, had a few words of advice to share. And we invited along some business leaders who have already been there, seen it and got a wardrobe stacked full of t-shirts to share out.
You’re invited to join in the conversation that’s been captured in these two videos of our action-packed talks.
Here’s what you’ll learn.

Round table – how to scale with prospecting

First out of the stalls was Lizzie Counihan, our Client Services Director.
She shared insights with Ana Ansell (Partner at Matrix Marketing) and Steve Craine/Lars Hellestrae (Director/Founder at Sales Agents UK) about the prospecting and lead generation challenges that their businesses faced and overcame.

In this short discussion you’ll find out:

  • How email prospecting stacks up against other ways to generate leads
  • What you need to have in place before you prospect
  • How the pandemic has affected many marketing channels
  • How prospecting can find unexpected customers for you
  • Why your most effective prospecting email may not look exactly like what you had in mind
  • What works best to hit those pain points and provoke a response

There’s more packed into this half-hour round table than King Arthur ever managed – and not a Mordred in sight to spoil the fun.

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Masterclass – never give up the chase(r)

Late runner Steve Harlow, our Commercial Director, was also soon haring down the track as he presented a ‘how to’ masterclass covering the creative aspects of writing prospecting emails.
Surprisingly for some, the majority of his focus was on the chasers that followed the initial engagement. Steve insisted that invariably the chase is better than the pitch.

Other shock announcements included:

  • Revealed: the SoPro prospecting template
  • Named and shamed: the subject lines that will kill your open rates
  • Uncovered: why you slash your prospecting success if you don’t send chasers
  • Shared: a step-by-step way to write each chaser mail
  • Unleashed: the perfect chaser sequence

Discover the rewards of prospecting perseverance.

Watch our explainer video to learn more about SoPro

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