Sopro wins the campaign tech awards 2019 tech company of the year award

Posted on: June 7, 2019

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Sopro wins the Campaign Tech Awards 2019 Tech Company of the Year Award

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A hush descends as the Tech Company of the Year Award is announced.

Fanfare, please.

Cue glitter dropping from the sky.

Shine that spotlight over at the ecstatic Sopro table.

Pop that champagne.

At the London Marriott Grosvenor Square in London, the team at SoPro was named Tech Company of the Year at the Campaign Tech Awards 2019.

We’re chuffed – but, if truth were told, a few heads were being scratched on nearby tables.

After all, isn’t this a young start-up that prides itself on sending out short, snappy plain-text prospecting emails?

Where’s the tech in that? The plain text email, for crying out loud, has been with us since 1971.

Well, guys, it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it.

It’s the tech that lies behind each plain text email that we send out that sets us apart – and it’s this that ensures we deliver such impressive prospecting results.

Our goal is simple.

We want to replace the traditional B2B business development channels, such as telephone-based appointment setting and in-house lead gen teams, with something far more effective and scalable.

We take the stress, strain and uncertainty out of prospecting and deliver leads at rates significantly higher than other methods.

This is not just down to our creative prospecting mail team or the understanding of businesses that our client service team gains.

It’s down to our tech – and we built every single system we use from scratch.

To achieve our goal, we had to develop one of the world’s most advanced B2B messaging platforms ever built.

Our tech ensures we glide over several challenges that can cause blockages in feeding leads into sales pipelines.

  • It allows us to leverage social networks to identify prospects
  • It allows us to verify job positions with remarkable accuracy
  • It lets us automatically interact with them on social media
  • It unfailingly finds and verifies their email address
  • It staggers our sends and spreads each campaign over different servers to maintain high
  • It personalises each mail
  • It provides live reports on each campaign for our clients to see – via the SoPro Hub – and integrates leads with their CMS

Most of all, though, our tech provides outstanding conversion rates, ultimately creating new customer relationships and revenue streams for businesses.

And we’re not finished yet.

At our heart we are a tech firm. Our focus is on constantly improving reporting, researching and ensuring deliverability.

All our profits are continually reinvested back into the business to enhance technology and further improve results.

It is the complexity of our tech that means we only offer a fully managed service to our clients – rather than using a SaaS model – but who knows what the future will hold?

Our investment in tech has taken us a long way.
Our service now combines technical innovation with big data analysis to optimise email contact from the identification of interested parties through to data sourcing and tailored messages that fly through filters and fuel incredible sales stories.

We now support 300+ international customers – from growth-focused SMEs to enterprise-tier household brands – running 150+ active prospecting campaigns every single day.

Our clients:

  • Now engage with over 1m qualified B2B leads each year
  • Enjoy a delivery rate of 98.7%
  • Receive open rates consistently above 40%
  • Achieve lead rates averaging between 4% and 7%
  • Typically reduce acquisition costs by over 80%
  • Have converted our leads into business worth an estimated £50m to date.

That’s why we’ve doubled our business consecutively for the past four years.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of this action?
We are so far ahead of its competitors that we publish an uncensored view of all live client campaign results online for public review.
We are one of the fastest growing B2B marketing technology businesses and brands in the world.
So, the next tech award we win, we’ll have none of that head scratching!

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