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May 2019 welcomes sopro’s new cross campaign inbox feature

Posted on: May 10, 2019

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May 2019 welcomes Sopro’s new cross campaign inbox feature

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Just a quick post to advise you of a new feature landing in the SoPro Hub this week.

We receive fantastically valuable client feedback every month and many of our recent features are based directly on the constructive points raised by our users.

If it’s an awesome idea we’ll build it. 

Today’s release is no exception, many of our SME and Enterprise clients have long requested for marketing and management teams to be able view campaign-wide prospect responses across all active sales agents, in one place.

We listened to the requirements and today SoPro deployed the exact feature needed.

The new SoPro Campaign Inbox is now accessible in the SoPro Hub.

Users can review all prospect responses received to date, categorised and timestamped in a readily filterable/sortable format.

The full email response content is displayed for every prospect response received.

We think you’ll love this new feature, it is great for sales lead auditing, great for quick access to recent communications and great for multi-person access to all email responses (as opposed to just the sales reps receiving responses).  Overall, a real time saver and a game-changer for anyone managing a SoPro enabled sales team.

Here’s a screenshot, it is very intuitive so I won’t detail instructions here, please enjoy the new feature and I am on hand to field any questions if you would like more information.

Users can review all prospect responses received to date, categorised and timestamped in a readily filterable sortable format

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