SoPro solves the December dip with improved festive prospecting

With Christmas just around the corner, our attention turns again to strategy. You might remember last year we took a stats supported approach to the seasonal schedule, we wanted to ensure the best use of our client budgets with the tools available, so we took a logical and proactive approach
sopro office 3

SoPro’s new HQ2 is go!

Today our huge new 3,000 sq. ft office opened – and we are just so excited. The plants are installed, funky floor tiles are locked in, keys handed over, racks up, servers in, floorplan live and workstations are being fired up on fresh new power lines. To be honest, things

SoPro HUB offers you real-time performance visibility and CRM integration

Myself and the SoPro dev team are proud to welcome the latest addition to the SoPro prospecting platform, SoPro Hub. You now have instant access to every aspect of your campaign as it progresses. Also, you can plug your prospect data directly into your HubSpot, Pipedrive or Salesforce CRM account.
Lead Generation Marketing Channels

So many lead generation channels (but so little time)

In many ways we’ve never had it so good. There are so many lead generation channels available to the modern marketeer that it can be hard to know where to begin. At least once a week I speak with businesses that are literally paralysed by the sheer number of channels
Best Time to send prospecting e-mails