It’s not what you know or who you know, but what they do

What effect does your potential prospect’s position in a company have on your chances of success in securing that critical first meeting? And, how freely do different departments flow into your sales funnel? As part of our SoPro Insight series we’ve looked at 100,000 prospecting emails that have been sent
email open and lead rate by department, finance, information technology, human resources

Prospecting mails: is there any correlation between open rate and lead rate?

They say that in B2B sales getting a foot in a door is the most difficult thing. Email prospecting has been widely recognised as the winner in this category due to its universal applicability cross all B2B sectors, business sizes and departments. Naturally some of these are more likely to

Which sector delivers the most B2B leads from email prospecting?

It’s been a busy year here at SoPro. As ever we’ve been prospecting like mad – in fact, I just glanced over at the Sendometer and it looks like we’ve sent over 1.1m emails ytd…. Let’s just take a moment for that to sink in… 1,165,239 emails sent… imagine that.

E-males or Fe-mails?

We’ve covered a good deal of ground in our SoPro Insight series, digging up nuggets of data that reveal the effects of everything from company size to time of day when it comes to a prospecting campaign. Now it’s time to tackle lead generation when looked at through the (perhaps

Too shy to follow up potential prospects?

Here’s what you’re missing out on. If you’re not following up on introductory mails to B2B prospects then you are halving your lead generation potential. This is not hot air – it’s a stone-cold fact.  And we’ve got the data to prove it. But first I want to share someone