LLoyds Bank - National Business Awards UK 2019

Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year 2019

It’s official. We are finalists at the Lloyds National Business Awards UK 2019. We’ll have to wait until 12th November 2019 to see if we have won the Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year Award. None of the Awards we’ve won so far have come without waiting, so we’ll
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What is lead scoring – and is it right for you?

In our last post on lead nurturing we highlighted how the B2B buying landscape has radically changed. Put simply: Your prospects are increasingly self-educating by conducting research online. This means that they are searching websites, attending webinars and downloading thought leadership pieces long before they are actually ready to buy.
Ryan Welmans at The Lloyds bank national business awards UK

Sunshine and sunscreen at The Houses of Commons

We were invited to attend the Lloyds National Business Awards event at the Houses of Commons 4th July. So, Ryan dusted off his best suit, polished up his Aviators and enjoyed a beautiful summer’s evening on the terraces of this infamous historic building. We were joined by 200 guests who
Nurturing leads

What is effective lead nurturing?

Let’s take a look at the critical role that content marketing plays in nurturing leads and helping ease them through the sales funnel. Increasingly B2B customers spend a while in the consideration phase – weighing up options and looking for solutions that suit and partners who sing from the same
SoPro wins Corporate Vision Magazine’s Technology Innovation Award

SoPro wins Corporate Vision Magazine’s Technology Innovation Award

Hot on the heels of our Tech Company of the Year award at the Campaign Tech Awards, our innovative use of tech has been recognised by Corporate Vision Magazine for the Most Innovative Lead Generation & Social Prospecting solution. What set us apart from the rest of the field was
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9 ways you should be aligning your sales and marketing teams right now

In our last post we outlined how the B2B buyer has changed and so has the marketing funnel. Basically prospects are not needing to speak to sales until later in the buying journey. Which means sales and marketing departments must be aligned to guide prospects through the stages of the

What is sales and marketing alignment and why do you need it?

Sales and marketing alignment (often referred to as smarketing) has been on the agenda for nearly 20 years. And yet we’re still not there yet. Let’s take a look at exactly what sales and marketing alignment is and why your business needs it.   What is sales and marketing alignment?
boost b2b sales with colaboration and alignment of sals and marketing department in your organisation

The changing face of the B2B buyer – and the changing place of B2B sales

Sorry to break the bad news: the B2B customer has changed They no longer look to sales for information, advice and hand-holding. In fact, they delay almost indefinitely contact with you. Don’t worry: you haven’t done anything wrong. But do take note: when your customer has changed you have to
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The long life of the B2B lead – and how to deal with it

We love prospecting. And we love providing top quality leads that grow your business. At the last count we reckoned we’ve provided our 300-plus clients with £50m of new business. But the conversion of a lead into revenue is never a straight-forward path. In fact, Salesforce recently found that: Only

SoPro wins the Campaign Tech Awards 2019 Tech Company of the Year Award – by using innovative tech to reinvent B2B prospecting

A hush descends as the Tech Company of the Year Award is announced. Fanfare please. Cue glitter dropping from the sky. Shine that spotlight over at the ecstatic SoPro table. Pop that champagne. At the London Marriott Grosvenor Square in London, the team at SoPro was named Tech Company of