We’ve bagged a Stevie!

Ryan and I are over the moon to have won a Bronze medal at the 16th International Business Awards in “Founding Team of the Year – Business Services” category. Affectionately known as the ‘Stevies’, this year the judges received more than 4,000 nominations from over 74 countries. So we are
The Art of prospecting - tips and nuggets

The art of prospecting: 7 tips and 10 nuggets to write the perfect B2B prospecting email

If you’re just about to fire off another prospecting mail – hang loose for five or ten minutes. I’m about to share with you a fantastic tool to gain insight into whether or not your carefully-crafted mail is likely to float like a butterfly or sink like a stone. Whether
management of the pipeline

How to manage your sales pipeline to close more sales

In our ‘Life of the Lead’ series we’ve looked at sales and marketing alignment, lead scoring, lead nurturing, CRM and more. Hey, we’ve covered a lot of ground but, right now, it’s time to pull things together a bit, join the dots and loop the loops. We’re going to look at

Five reasons you need a CRM – even if you don’t have any customers to manage yet

Here’s a question: at what stage in a B2B company’s growth should it invest in a CRM? Much, much sooner than you may think. And here’s why you need a CRM – even if you don’t have any customers yet. Paul Greenberg, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) thought leader, once offered
SME National Business Awards 2019 - SoPro finalist for business growth and tech innovation

SoPro shortlisted at the SME National Business Awards 2019

We are beyond excited to have been shortlisted for two awards for the SME National Business Awards 2019. It’s the third year that this Awards have been running and we are super-proud to be shortlisted for “High Growth Business of the Year” and “Business Innovation”. In our Business Innovation submission we explained
The london eye

Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year 2019

It’s official. We are finalists at the Lloyds National Business Awards UK 2019. We’ll have to wait until 12th November 2019 to see if we have won the Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year Award. None of the Awards we’ve won so far have come without waiting, so we’ll
Lead generation, nurturing, lead scoring, lead capture

What is lead scoring – and is it right for you?

In our last post on lead nurturing we highlighted how the B2B buying landscape has radically changed. Put simply: Your prospects are increasingly self-educating by conducting research online. This means that they are searching websites, attending webinars and downloading thought leadership pieces long before they are actually ready to buy.
Ryan Welmans at The Lloyds bank national business awards UK

Sunshine and sunscreen at The Houses of Commons

We were invited to attend the Lloyds National Business Awards event at the Houses of Commons 4th July. So, Ryan dusted off his best suit, polished up his Aviators and enjoyed a beautiful summer’s evening on the terraces of this infamous historic building. We were joined by 200 guests who
Nurturing leads - potted plants just sprouted

What is effective lead nurturing?

Let’s take a look at the critical role that content marketing plays in nurturing leads and helping ease them through the sales funnel. Increasingly B2B customers spend a while in the consideration phase – weighing up options and looking for solutions that suit and partners who sing from the same
SoPro wins Corporate Vision Magazine’s Technology Innovation Award

SoPro wins Corporate Vision Magazine’s Technology Innovation Award

Hot on the heels of our Tech Company of the Year award at the Campaign Tech Awards, our innovative use of tech has been recognised by Corporate Vision Magazine for the Most Innovative Lead Generation & Social Prospecting solution. What set us apart from the rest of the field was