Users can review all prospect responses received to date, categorised and timestamped in a readily filterable sortable format

May 2019 welcomes SoPro’s new cross campaign inbox feature

Just a quick post to advise you of a new feature landing in the SoPro Hub this week. We receive fantastically valuable client feedback every month and many of our recent features are based directly on the constructive points raised by our users. If it’s an awesome idea we’ll build


Should I run a webinar? F#*K No.

We run the outreach for some 300 or so B2B brands with a multitude of objectives in play… from populating webinars, filling breakfast briefings/networking events, driving customers to web, gated content, white papers, surveys… calls, meetings, group membership, the list goes on. Campaign success rates are influenced by many factors

How to setup your email prospecting campaign

  So I’m a member of the very excellent Agency Collective.  We have a slack channel where UK agency owners wag chins and decide the fate of humanity, one marketing campaign at a time. I was tagged yesterday in a question about whether SoPro includes DNS management as part of


SoPro just launched the B2B Prospecting Power Toolset – and it’s free.

  Beleaguered B2B prospectors: life just got better. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to present SoPro’s prospecting magic at the UK Marketing Expo in London, it was a great opportunity to showcase some of the measures SoPro undertake to bulletproof the effectiveness of our prospecting services. Some of the steps presented were


It’s not what you know or who you know, but what they do

What effect does your potential prospect’s position in a company have on your chances of success in securing that critical first meeting? And, how freely do different departments flow into your sales funnel? As part of our SoPro Insight series we’ve looked at 100,000 prospecting emails that have been sent