5 Things That Lockdown Can Teach You about Prospecting

5 Things That Lockdown Can Teach You about Prospecting

In the blink of an eye, it seemed, everything changed. As news first reached us from China – and then cases started to appear across the globe shortly after – panic hit the markets, offices became empty spaces and schools, shops, restaurants, and bars closed. The roads fell quiet, air
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52 Amazing Email Marketing Statistics and Facts

The rise of data has had a transformative effect on marketing. As these email marketing statistics demonstrate, every interaction can be tracked, analysed, and optimised. Since it’s humble beginnings in 1971, email has grown to be a truly global phenomenon, and one the business world relies on heavily. Email marketing

Follow-up Emails: How to Write
and When to Send

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. An excellent proverb, encouraging us all to keep going in the face of failure. But does it hold true for prospecting follow-up emails? We’ve analysed 400,000 of our own prospecting emails and combined that with some interesting studies, to give
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How to Write Prospecting Emails:
Get to the Point

If you want to write prospecting emails that convert you need to quickly get to the point. Be brief, cut to the chase, keep it simple and get down to brass tacks. Don’t pull any punches, just put your cards on the table right away. In short, I’d advise you

SoPro: The World’s Best
Email Prospecting Data

We truly believe we have the world’s best email prospecting data. Some companies will use the size of their database to try and convince you. The idea is that the bigger the database, the easier it is to find your perfect prospect. The reality is totally different.  Ultimately, having 500

Sales Funnel Vs Sales Pipeline:
The Complete Guide

Sales funnel vs sales pipeline. It might not make it onto Sky Box Office any time soon, but it’s an interesting battle in the sales and marketing world. Many people think of them as the same thing, when in fact, they are distinct concepts. From the seller’s point of view,
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How to Avoid Spam Filters:
Getting Emails to Inbox

Knowing how to avoid spam filters is a crucial part of a successful email campaign, whether that’s traditional email marketing or prospecting.  Some factors that affect it are obvious, some you would cover as part of best practice email marketing, some are technical and some may come as a surprise.
Keep Calm and Carry On Prospecting:

Keep Calm and Carry On Prospecting:
Why you MUST hold your nerve
during COVID lockdowns

After the unprecedented period of March to May, and the “new normal” that settled over the summer, uncertainty is looming once more as the UK and Europe enter a second phase of national lockdowns. COVID rates and government guidelines seem set to fluctuate for the foreseeable future with social restrictions
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Prospecting Tricks and Treats:
How to Avoid Zombies

“Darkness falls across the land The selling hour is close at hand Bad reps crawl in search of blood To terrorize your neighbourhood And whosoever shall be found Without the soul for prospecting Must stand and face the hounds of hell And rot inside a lead funnel that gets really
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12 Sales Call Tips and Techniques:
A Seller’s Guide

Selling over the phone can be a tricky business. There’s no body language to pick up on and no eye contact, but you still need to make an impression. These sales call tips should help make sure you aren’t forgotten the second they’ve hung up. Some phone calls are so