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Virtual Selling Guide:
8 Tips for Remote Sales Meetings

One of the many adjustments businesses have made over the past year has been a pivot to virtual selling. Where sales reps were once travelling around the country, pitching in boardrooms and smoothing deals over dinner, we’re now trying to bring the same energy to remote sales meetings. Stuck behind
Let’s Cut to the Chase(r): Why You Are Losing More Than Half Your Leads If You Are Not Sending Chasers

Let’s Cut to the Chase(r):
Why You Are Losing More Than Half Your Leads If You Are Not Sending Chasers

Here’s something that’s good to know: Most of your leads will come from the chaser emails you send. Or, put another way, if you are not sending chasers you are slashing your leads and doubling the cost of each one. Let’s cut to the chase. We’re going to share the
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Six Ways to Secure New Business in January

January is a great month for sales. The new year ushers in opportunities for new business that even the latest lockdown can’t knockdown. It’s a chance to try new things, make new plans, and look ahead with renewed optimism. But don’t think it’s only a case of ‘out with the
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How to Find Prospects Online:
The Complete Guide

Finding prospects online using a multi-channel approach will diversify your lead sources, increase the number of leads, and ultimately increase revenue. Despite this, sales prospecting is rarely given the same status as closing a deal. For many, prospecting is harder and less glamorous than the pitch, the proposal, or the



2021 Trends: 6 Sales and Marketing Predictions for 2021

As every single thinkpiece and retrospective will tell you, 2020 was a hell of a year. We all know that; we were there. And the impact of a year like this will continue to be felt into 2021 and beyond. After a very quick look at some of the ramifications
What Insight Can Three Start up Founders Give You about Prospecting?

Unmissable Prospecting Insights from Three Start up Founders

At SoPro we love to throw a party. 2020 hasn’t been a great year for social get-togethers admittedly. Still, whenever we can, we like to connect people. As part of the Start Up Scale Up Summit in November we got three founders together (on a Zoom call, admittedly) to share
The Christmas Gifts That Prospecting Brings (from Afar)

The Christmas Gifts That Prospecting Brings

After a couple of mince pies, we’re feeling festive here at SoPro. The Christmas tree is lit, mulled wine slowly simmers in the crock pot and our Commercial Director has a rather amusing elf hat on. But hark, who appears in the distance. It’s three kings bearing gifts. Prospecting gifts.
Go with the Flow: How Prospecting Solved This Start up’s Cash Flow Concerns

Go with the Flow: How Prospecting Solved This Start up’s Cash Flow Concerns

The early months of any business are hard. It’s mighty tough to hit that ground running when you are also pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. We talked to the founders of Sales Agents UK, Stephen Craine and Lars Hellestrae, to ask them how they manged to keep the cash
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Funny Cold Emails:
7 Templates for Better Prospecting

Some feel humour has no place in the business world. Some would argue that watching Steve from sales slip on a well-placed banana improves office moral. Whichever side of the debate you fall on (sorry again Steve), a funny sales email can help you cut through the hundreds of generic
How to scale up your start up with prospecting

How to Scale up Your Start up with Prospecting

At the recent Start Up Scale Up Summit we joined thousands of founders online to explore how best to take their businesses to the next level by injecting scalability into it. We, of course, had a few words of advice to share. And we invited along some business leaders who have