Pitch 121 is the latest digital startup accepted into the G33K Holdings Incubator programme

Pitch 121, an innovative London-based digital marketing business, is the latest startup to receive the backing and support of the G33K Holdings Incubator programme. G33K Holdings, led by Ryan Welmans and Rob Harlow accepts up to five successful Seed or Series A businesses each year to benefit from strategic mentoring,
choosing the right channels step for b2b lead generation in UK

Six simple steps to prospecting success

The prospect of prospecting We’re proud to prospect. Prospecting gets a bad rap.  Dismissed as the grunt work of the sales process, at best, a necessary evil. For us, though, it’s a pure, unadulterated pleasure. The reason the thought of prospecting instils either tedium, fear or revulsion is not too
UKs B2B Marketing Expo 2018 - Agency Of The Future Finalist, Awards with association with Digital Doughnut

Something to shout about

We’re foaming at the eyeballs in anticipation of our first major exhibition presence next week. The SoPro team will be exhibiting at UKs B2B Marketing Expo, taking place at Excel London, 21st and 22nd March. In connection with the event, we are delighted to announce SoPro has been shortlisted as

Is your data radioactive? – SoPro Insight

In 1907 the prominent physicist Ernest Rutherford first expressed the principle of radioactive Half-Life. Fast forward 111 years and we have a handy moniker for the time required for any given quantity to decay to half its initial value. Things decay, and some decay faster than others… Your B2B contact