Understanding Prospecting: Services Vs Tools

When it comes to marketing technology, businesses have more choice than ever before. Too many of every type of system… It’s intoxicating. Here’s a crazy stat. “7/10 marketers don’t fully understand the difference between SaaS-based prospecting tools and service-based prospecting providers.” It’s time to set that record straight, a useful

SoPro Listed in Hubspot Marketplace

It’s good news… Our aim has always been to take the heavy lifting out of prospecting, to make the process of finding and engaging with new customers as easy and seamless as possible. That’s why integrating SoPro with your preferred CRM is so important.  It hard wires SoPro’s innovative prospecting
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True, tried and tested tactics to find B2B prospects online (3)

In the previous two posts I’ve shown you several ways to find and attract your B2B prospects. But we’re not over yet. In fact, in many ways, the best is yet to come. Here’s what you already know: You can extend your keyword search through every stage of your customer
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True, tried and tested tactics to find B2B prospects online (2)

Quick review of what we learnt in the last post: Business people are people (no shit, Sherlock) – so remarketing on Google’s Display network can help you catch them with their guard down, as it were You pay for the prospecting power of LinkedIn – so take your remarketing activity
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True, tried and tested tactics to find B2B prospects online (1)

It shouldn’t be hard. We all know that our prospects are online We’ve all identified our target market We’ve divided it up into customer personas so ‘real’ we sometimes talk to them in our heads There’s a finely honed USP for each of our brand’s products And there’s that bank
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The tipping point: what lies behind SoPro’s award-winning spree?

Since we were founded, we have always believed in the same thing: We harness the power of social networks and combine it with the power of personalised mails. Our vision was to revolutionise prospecting. It didn’t feel like much of a revolution when our initial entirely manual process struggled to

SoPro lifts Most Impressive Small Agency Growth award at UK Agency Awards

We were kept waiting for the final award of the evening at last night’s UK Agency Awards. If we won, it would be the third trophy we’d be collecting in three months, our first hatrick, so the pressure was on. The event also coincided with an opening party at our

When SoPro throws a party…

SoPro launches swish new digs. After a six-month fit-out this incredible new space boasts a wrap-around roof garden and edges our capacity close to 100 seats in central Skopje. To mark the occasion, we flew in a thirsty UK team, stocked a gratuitous bar and hired the best DJ in

Hopper Video joins the G33K Group Incubator programme

As a sales and marketing incubator group that prides itself on attracting and growing technology businesses with a B2B customer focus, we’re delighted to announce that Hopper Video joins as the 11th member of the group. For some time, we have been looking for a tech platform that could add
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10 sales conversation starters that kick ass (while establishing rapport)

Your sales pipeline is filling up with leads from your your latest SoPro campaign – check out our live stats to see us work our magic. And now it’s over to you. Pick up that phone, build rapport and get that meeting booked in the diary. But how do you