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February 9, 2023 10:15 am GMT


How to write the perfect B2B email in 2023

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Steve Harlow and Hannah Dobson

Chief Sales Officer, Senior Customer Success Manager.

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February 9, 2023 10:15 am GMT


We all want more bang for our buck in 2023. And with email outreach consistently outperforming every alternative channel when it comes to finding new business, it’s time to kickstart your new year with an efficient and cost-effective prospecting strategy.

Join Chief Sales Officer Steve Harlow and Senior Customer Success Manager Hannah Dobson for an interactive webinar, exploring what makes the perfect B2B sales outreach email, with key insights from our 2023 State of Prospecting whitepaper – the most comprehensive B2B prospecting report ever published.

Our data from 49.5 million emails, 15,015 prospecting campaigns, and 359 B2B survey respondents will show you how to get your emails opened, capture your prospects’ attention, and land that all-important sales call.

What you’ll learn

  • Exclusive B2B buyer insights from our survey
  • Tricks for getting your emails opened
  • The industries and job titles most likely to respond to sales outreach
  • The formula for the perfect B2B prospecting email

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