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Global revenue:

2022: US$160 billion - 500 billion*/ £136 billion - 425 billion

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If your business offers a management consultancy solution, you’ll know just how tough it is to generate high-quality leads, and convince prospects you’re the one for them. With Sopro, you can cut through the noise and get talking to the people who matter.


Sales engagement for management consultancy companies

Sopro is more than just a lead generation tool. We’re an experienced team of prospecting experts, dedicated to running your sales outreach campaigns for you. We’ll do the hard work, so you can do your best work – converting leads and closing deals.

And with an industry that’s all about people, prospecting is the perfect fit. Sopro emails feel like a personal approach to customers, and our experts are always on hand to give you real, human advice.

Our experts toggle over 40 variables in our live B2B database to find your target persona and build your unique sales database. We verify every contact individually, so every single prospect for your campaign is hand-picked, by us, for you.


How it works

Need more high-quality leads for your management consultancy business? Here’s how it works:

  1. You tell us about your particular consultancy offering, who you’re looking to target, and what makes you stand out from the rest of the industry
  2. We source and verify a target audience just for you, using data that’s fully compliant and up-to-the-minute accurate
  3. We write engaging, relevant, and on-brand outreach email messages
  4. We set your campaign live, delivered to your hand-picked audience
  5. You get responses directly to your inbox, so you can do what you do best


Our top tips for management consultancies


Keep emails friendly and personalised

Trust us when we say keeping your outreach emails friendly and informal is the way to go.

Our management consulting clients who use conversational and humorous prospecting templates see a much higher response rate than those who cling to a heavily-branded tone of voice or go straight in with a generic company history. Dial down the pitch and frame your messaging around the prospect, not your consultancy.


Know your niche

For every management solution, there’s a number of consultancies trying to provide it. And whether you want to admit it or not, they all look similar to most of your prospects. Tailoring your outreach messaging to display a niche offering for a very specific target market will help you cut through to the right people. Convince your prospects that you understand their individual challenges, and you’ll get more positive responses from higher-quality leads.


Solidify your sales process

You may be management geniuses, but without a well-oiled process for converting new business, you risk losing warm leads as they move along the buyer journey.

Before you start outreach, ask yourself: do you have the capacity to follow everything up? Have you nailed down who follows up with responses? Do you have a maximum time frame for enquiries to be replied to? Are your proposals engaging enough? All these aspects need to be addressed before you start filling your pipeline.


What to expect from your Sopro management consultancy campaign

Management consultancy is a competitive market, but the nature of your work means you can get really personal with how you engage your prospects. Go into your campaign with the mindset of setting up a steady, reliable source of leads rather than a snappy short-term fix for lead gen.

If your average deal size is on the larger side, then it’s important not to get fixated on lead volume. Our data covers millions upon millions of business contacts, but 99% of that data is totally irrelevant to you – we zero in on your ideal target market and help you access high-quality leads. The ones that are more likely to close!

It’s far better to have a smaller pool of businesses who see the value you provide, rather than a long list of pipeline fillers that aren’t likely to convert. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, so are you ready to write yours?

Management consulting success with Sopro

We’ve run over 15,000 prospecting campaigns for more than 2,000 clients. Read some of our Management Consulting success stories below.

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