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Elevate your outreach with B2B gifting

Gifting can open up conversations with key accounts, increase lead quality, and help you stand out from the competition

Surprise, delight, convert

Connect with the prospects that matter

Cut through the noise to target high-value accounts with a thoughtful surprise, from a box of chocolates to planting a tree. Think account-based marketing at scale.

83% of customers who have received a corporate gift in the last two years said it made them feel closer to the company that sent it.

Connect with the prospects that matter Connect with the prospects that matter Gift fragment1

A value-boosting solution

Boost your existing campaigns and see the results. Our own Sopro campaigns have benefited from a 20% uplift in leads.

When it comes to brand recognition and relationship building, four in every five businesses say gifting offers substantial ROI. We’ve seen our own lead quality improve by 36% when running campaigns focused on high-value deals.

A value-boosting solution A value-boosting solution Gift fragment1 Gift fragment2 Gift fragment3 Gift fragment4

It’s never been easier

Simply pick a gift, budget and audience segment, and your Sopro account manager will take care of the rest.

Everything is fully tracked, so you can easily identify who’s making the most of those thoughtful perks.

It’s never been easier It’s never been easier Gift fragment1

Frequently asked questions

As you’d expect from Sopro’s fully managed service, we take care of everything for you: from adding the gift links, fulfilling the orders, and tracking the results.

So all you need to do is pick the best gift for your prospects, set your budget and decide on your audience segments, and we’ll do the rest.

If you are a Sopro customer, simply speak to your account manager to get started today. If you are yet to join up, speak to us today to find out more.

Of course, you can set a limit to ensure the total number of gifts redeemed doesn’t go over your allocated budget.

However, the reality is that gifting often has a positive impact on campaign performance despite the fact that very few people redeem the gifts.

Yes to both - you can run gifting for a limited period or target only a select group within your audience.

You can also run or test layered campaigns, where different gifts target specific segments. For example, higher-value, more impactful gifts can be sent exclusively to high-value accounts. Of course, specific segments can always be excluded entirely from gifting.

Corporate gifting is very much legal. In essence, gifts should be reasonable and proportionate. Check out our gifting blog post that covers the difference between gifting and bribery.