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100 Reasons to Trust SoPro

At SoPro, we've helped thousands of companies reach their potential.

Our experts are ready to identify and engage with a steady stream of new prospects on your behalf. We use personalised conversational introductions, carefully crafted to flow directly into your sales process. Effortlessly producing new customers.

But the question remains, how do you know SoPro will work for you?

On this page you will find a treasure trove of testimonials. A compendium of case studies. You'll find reviews left on online review sites than you never knew existed... We're even sharing our data, unedited and in real time, so you can see our results first hand. Total transparency. We've also got a nifty Campaign Forecasting Tool to give you a clear idea of how much each new customer is likely to cost using SoPro. And if that's not enough we can arrange a call with an existing client, or one of our team.

Recent Testimonials

The SoPro service offers us complete flexibility. Working with the SoPro team, marketing messages can be modified quickly to maximise responses and adapt to changes. The flow of prospects can be controlled to fit comfortably with available resources and allow for seasonal changes. Moving from a mainly passive marketing strategy to the pro-active SoPro service has transformed our sales model. We now have a controllable stream of potential clients from within our target markets giving us a constantly full pipeline to work on.

Stephen Craine

Director - Sales Agents UK

We have been using the SoPro service for over a year and have been very happy with the results in this time. We’ve gained a good number of new clients and continue to build a healthy sales pipeline. Their customer service has been fantastic - our account managers are incredibly responsive and work with us to ensure we are receiving high quality leads. They react quickly and advise regularly to ensure we are working in line with our vision, brand and strategy. SoPro form a large part of our on going marketing channel. I’d certainly recommend them to anyone considering ways to revamp their lead generation activity.

Arthur Bradbury

Managing Director - Nestor

Paragon Skills wanted to utilise an innovative and unique way to reach its client base who tend to be larger organisations across a wide range of industry sectors. This was a new approach and investment for us, however we have been delighted with the results, even within a relatively short period of time since we launched. SoPro has generated a high number of quality leads and referrals across a wide range of businesses that has not only created a pipeline of new business opportunities but also raised our brand profile and presence in our core market sectors. The team at SoPro have helped us every step of the way – giving us practical advice and guidance to ensure we achieve the best results from our campaign and ultimately results from a our investment. It’s been a true partnership and we look forward to continuing our work with them.

Phil Hitchcox

Client Solutions Director - Paragon Skills

SoPro’s customer service is always first-class. They are available to help resolve questions and challenges and because of their experience, their guidance on campaign structure and content often adds another dimension too. Both the teams in Brighton and Skopje are always prepared to go the extra mile. I always enjoy working with such innovative teams who are as committed to our business success as their own. They really put customers first and applied expert insight that significantly improved the performance of our campaigns.

Faisal Mahmud

Associate Director Digital & Media Planning - Tata

The SoPro activity has exceeded my expectations and I’m seriously impressed with the quality of leads. Not only this, the campaign has also given us vital insight into our target markets which has helped us shape our internal strategies. I see SoPro as our marketing department rather than supplier. The customer service is 5 stars and our account managers always go above and beyond to look after us and the performance of our campaigns. Thank you SoPro

John Oxford

Operations Director - Scala4

As we approached the start of 2019, we were ready to launch an exciting new proposition in the shape of BPS Labs – consultative workshops for HR leaders. But we needed a service provider we could rely on to reach the right people at the right time with the right message.  SoPro has more than ticked those boxes and turbo-charged our outreach compared to other channels. Added to that, their customer service is second to none. We’ve developed a true partnership with Melina, Ivana and team.”

William Geldart

Marketing Manager  - BPS World

We would like to say thank you to all of those at SoPro who helped us run an effective lead generation exercise – your customer support was fantastic at every step of the way!  Your experts took the hassle out of putting together the campaign by composing effective emails and the regular phone catch ups helped us fine tune the details and helped us make informed decisions using a scientific approach. The SoPro Hub was impressive providing analysis of the campaign results by sector, business size, job title etc - incredibly insightful! Compared to previous marketing channels we have used, these leads were extremely strong and targeted the right people – we would definitely consider running a similar campaign in the future – but for now we have a lot of leads to follow up on!”

Emily Dwan

Business Improvement Manager - Speck & Burke

We’ve tried several different lead gen and sales enablement tools, but none have performed as well as the campaigns we run with SoPro. We are regularly receiving positive responses from prospects that fit our marketing criteria and have generated solid opportunities from those conversations in both our US and UK regions. Additionally, SoPro’s customer service is among the best – they’ve quickly addressed any issues, regularly monitor our campaigns for changes and improvements, and they provide great communication for working together to achieve our sales goals”.

Katie McCauley

Synergy NA - Snapfulfil (USA)

SoPro’s customer service is second to none. They are always available to help resolve and questions or challenges that we have and because of their experience their guidance on campaign structure and content is invaluable. Both the teams in Brighton and Skopje are always prepared to go the extra mile. It’s fantastic to work with such an innovative team that are as committed to our business success as their own.

Ruairí Kell

Sales Development - Boxever

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“One of the great things about working with SoPro is the dedicated team of professionals we have at the other end of the phone... For us, there really is no question. Having a prospecting service is vastly more beneficial than just having the tool. Put simply, it’s transformed our business.”

Nick Washington-Jones, Managing Director, Tack UK

“Before SoPro I was reliant on networking and on a trickle of inbound leads for new business. When I decided I needed to grow the company I took on SoPro and immediately the number of leads I was getting skyrocketed. It was the solution we needed to our new business challenges.”

John Ashton, Founder, Write Arm

“Before SoPro I was reliant on networking and on a trickle of inbound leads for new business. When I decided I needed to grow the company I took on SoPro and immediately the number of leads I was getting skyrocketed. It was the solution we needed to our new business challenges.”

John Ashton, Founder, Write Arm

"We first started working with SoPro back in April and the response was so good we had to actually pause our activity to catch up with the projects we won. It is not just the results we are impressed with, but the on going advice and support we have received, it feels more like a working partnership."

Tim Cumming, Director, Working Beautifully

What Our Customers Say

"Extremely professional. We have been using SoPro’s services for around 4 months and I must say I have found them to be the most professional outsourced sales outfit I have ever used."
"SoPro make it work and make it easy! Their ideas, their writing, their integration, their service goes above and beyond all expectations. Our account manager has been outstanding."
"SoPro are a great company to work with, they listened well to what we wanted to achieve and guided us to set up campaigns to match this. They are incredibly responsive."
"Honestly, without SoPro I don't believe my business would around today. SoPro is the best 'business development manager' I have ever seen bar none."
"SoPro have enabled us to scale up our ability to generate leads and at the same time, free up our sales people to focus on what they do best - selling!

View Our Cross Campaign Stats

At SoPro, we make some bold performance claims.

There is no better way to substantiate these claims than by publishing our results. That's why each month we publish the SoPro Cross Campaign Stats from the preceding 12 months, giving unprecedented visibility across all live prospecting activity.

This total transparency approach enables clients to assess typical campaign performance levels before booking.

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Want to find out what SoPro could enable your business to achieve? Simply answer the following questions and our clever calculator will do the rest!

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Forecast Your Campaign

Use our brand-new funnel mapping tool to forecast your prospecting campaign results.

Simply enter your prospect volumes and we’ll forecast engagement rates, likely open rates, response rates, total leads, pitches, proposals and closed deals… all based on SoPro’s live cross campaign average customer stats.

Our Campaign Forecasting tool is a great way to calculate how much each lead, pitch and sale is likely to cost you.

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Prospective SoPro clients occasionally request to speak with existing or previous customers.

To support this we maintain a library of references, typically current clients who are happy to discuss their experience with our prospective customers, usually over a quick call.

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