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The Sopro tool kit

Identify individual prospects on your website in real-time.

Gather detailed information on the people visiting your site, not just the companies they work for. Capture more of the existing interest in your business.

*Features available to Sopro customers running prospecting campaigns*

Go from:

Anonymous web visits stored in analytics programmes, used retrospectively for reporting.


Instant notifications about specific individuals who show buyer intent on your website, used to nurture leads.


Detailed data on visits from your prospecting contacts

Using the Sopro tools, you can get instant, detailed data on web visits from your prospecting campaign prospects. Discover the individuals visiting your site.

Reveal buyer intent from your ideal customers, even when they haven’t replied to your outreach emails.

Get instant analytics on website visitors, including:

Prospect name

Email address

LinkedIn profile

Which pages they’ve visited

Duration of visit

Number of visits

Instant notifications when prospects complete web goals

In the Sopro portal, you can take visitor data to the next level by letting setting up event notifications.

Set specific buyer intent goals on your website:

An individual visits a specific page or pages

An individual repeatedly visits your site

An individual returns to browse after a period of time away.

Your team gets an email notification and starts a conversation with one of your ideal customers at the exact moment they are looking to learn more.

Track all your nurture activities in one place

Generate additional leads from your Sopro campaign at no extra cost, by empowering your sales team with next-level lead nurturing.

The Sopro portal works as a central hub for nurturing leads. See web visitors from your prospecting campaigns and web intent goal contacts.

Track your manual outreach activity:

Phone calls

LinkedIn connections


Sales meetings

Generate more leads with a Sopro prospecting campaign and real-time web notifications.

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