SoPro just launched the B2B Prospecting Power Toolset – and it’s free.

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Beleaguered B2B prospectors: life just got better.

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to present SoPro’s prospecting magic at the UK Marketing Expo in London, it was a great opportunity to showcase some of the measures SoPro undertake to bulletproof the effectiveness of our prospecting services.

Some of the steps presented were more technically oriented than your average marketeer and after the show we were inundated with requests to make our methods more accessible to the non-technical marketing community.

This inspired SoPro to build and launch our B2B Toolset, which we are delighted to launch today, 100% free.

The SoPro B2B Toolset is here.

And it laughs in the face of your prospecting challenges.

Our tool-kit offers devastatingly elegant solutions to the five biggest problems that repeatedly hold B2B prospecting back.  We’re throwing a prospecting power tool party, tickets are free and you’re all invited.  Here’s the line up.

  1. Mapping your market
  2. Sourcing your prospects’ business email addresses for contact.
  3. Reaching your recipient’s Inbox (not the junk folder)
  4. Crafting awesome – rather than bore-all – prospecting mails
  5. Forecasting the output (and cost per customer) of your prospecting campaigns

These tools will rock your world.  It’s time to stop smashing faces against the brick wall… and start smashing targets.

Let’s introduce our five free prospecting power tools.

Tool #1: SoPro Epic Email Address Finder

The good news: Finds any email address in seconds.

The better news: Batch source up to 10,000 email addresses in one go.

The best news: It’s totally free to use.

Still trying to guess your prospects’ email addresses or map the zillion possible concatenations on that ‘handy’ excel sheet?   Our epic email finder will track email addresses down in a jiffy.

All you need to know is the prospect name and company domain.  We’ll do the rest.  We’ll return their email address in seconds, and we’ll even tell you how certain you can be that we have it bang on.

Kiss goodbye to the days of scrabbling around on social media in the hope of locating that elusive email address and wave goodbye to trawling endless contacts pages.

Tool #2: SoPro Email Deliverability Tester

The good news: Checks your emails to ensure basic deliverability hygiene standards (Checks for DNS config, IP & domain blacklists, technical config and message content red flags).

The better news: Our advanced test actually sends your email ‘live’ to all mainstream email domains and reports the actual “inbox” delivery rates achieved across a spectrum of live inboxes.

The best news: Both these tools are totally free to use.

Email deliverability tester – basic

Understanding the issues affecting your deliverability is a great thing.

But seeing these issues highlighted for an actual mail you’re about to send is priceless.  And that’s exactly what our mail optimiser does. It checks every detail of your email set-up, you get a score out of 10, then it shows exactly where and how your email setup can be improved.

If deliverability is a curse this is the cure.

We check your email for HTML errors, deliverability scores, spam terms, SpamAssasin scores (and all major Spam lists), DNS auth, DKIM, SPF and DMARK validation, originating domain and mailserver IP blacklisting, broken links.

Scores out of 10, even SoPro rarely get 10/10 first time.

Email deliverability tester – advanced

Most paid tools on the market come nowhere near offering the health check that we offer you for free with this tool.

Just saying.

This technical power tool will actually carry out a ‘live’ send of your email to 100 inboxes from your own server.  This send spans every major mail service provider, meaning you can see precisely which are delivering to the inbox and which mail servers are marking you as spam.

This is 100% genius, 100% indispensable and 100% free.

We use this tool before every send and it contributes something like a 14% inbox delivery rate uplift across our own cross campaign stats.

Now you can now do the same.  Totally free.

Tool #3: Email Awesomeness Checker

The good news: Checks your copy and ensures it goes beyond awesome to awe-ALL.

The better news: Instant results (and insanely helpful tips for skyrocketing your response rate).

The best news: It’s totally free to use.

Prospecting emails are not just an art.

They are also a science.

Paste your email into our respectable text receptacle and we’ll calculate how awesome it is in true SoPro scientific style.  We can do a lot in 0.7 seconds and we’ll check for spam terms, marketing terms, bad links, wordcount, paragraph length, spelling, readability, plus our extensive list of prospecting red flag words and phrases.

We will score your email from 1 to Awesome and pinpoint the exact tweaks to make before use.

In short, find out if your mail is s**t-hot or just s**t.

And it’s not shy either… we actually built in a library of amusing insults to keep the feedback punchy and uncompromising, so if you write like goof, expect a sharp poke in the eye.

Don’t worry though, even Hemmingway thought his first drafts were pants!

Can you beat the SoPro Email awesomeness checker?

Tool #4: SoPro Market Mapper

The good news: Helps you define your potential prospecting pool based on factors such as target company size, industry and target job role.

The better news: Provides instant insight into the size of this market.

The best news: It’s totally free to use.

Ever tried to quantify the exact size of your potential prospecting pool?   Or wondered if you’re fishing in a pool so large that you can afford to start targeting more precisely?

Maybe you’re fishing in a pond so small that you need to find somewhere you can cast a longer line?

This prospecting mega tool is the go-to viewpoint for anyone wanting to accurately map their market.  Simply plug in your target company size, industry and job function/title – and let SoPro map and present your segmented market assessment.

It may be effortless to use but behind the scenes there’s a lot of backbreaking data crunching going on here.  These are the sorts of reports you’d pay a consultancy a small fortune for – or knock a good week or two out of your schedule to work up yourself.  We’ll do it for free.

Tool #5: Campaign Output Forecaster

The good news: Tells you exactly what your cost per customer will be (based on current industry average conversion rates).

The better news: Allows you to quickly compare the cost of sales acquisition by channel.

The best news: It’s totally free to use.

This super-handy tool makes light the work of comparing lead-generation costs by channel.

For instance, you can forecast your sales results from a SoPro prospecting campaign and then use this to compare the expected costs and results from other marketing channels such as PPC or Telesales.

It takes your forecast right the way through the sales funnel, from initial cost per contact, through cost per open, cost per response, per pitch and per proposal… through to your final cost per customer.  Based on your expected conversion rates at each stage of the sales funnel.

This is a simple but hugely effective way to forecast across multiple channels.

Needless to say, we’re confident that you’ll find our campaigns the best value.  This is not based on a dose of blind faith, more of a seasoned insight: we’ve walked so many clients through this easy-to-use campaign forecasting tool to know that SoPro invariably comes out on top.

Which leads us rather neatly on to our bonus final power prospecting tool.

We mentioned we have five tools that help you bound effortlessly over the prospecting hurdles – but here’s your lucky number six.

And it’s a service rather than a tool – so you don’t even need to get your hands dirty.

Bonus Tool #6: SoPro’s ‘prospecting as a service’

The good news: You remain 100% in control of your prospecting campaigns – you can refine your targeting, change your proposition and scale up or down as needed.

The better news: We map your markets, identify prospects, write the creative messaging, engage each prospect on your behalf enabling you to decouple from the headache of prospecting completely, and simply pick up the positive responses that flow in each day.

The best news: ‘SoPro take the slog out of generating warm leads. It would take many months to develop the number of new prospects delivered in just a couple of weeks.’
John Ashton, Founder, Write Arm

Our ‘sixth free tool’ is neither free nor a tool – but it is an incredibly cost-effective, incredibly powerful prospecting service.

It has become an invaluable business tool to established players and ambitious start-ups in many different B2B industries.

Check out these case studies and testimonials to see for yourself the sort of results we’re posting.

If you liked our prospecting power tools – just wait ‘til you see what our experts can do with them.


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