How On Device Research used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile


UK and Ireland


Market Research

Deal cycle:

1 year

Target profile



Company size:

Any size


How On Device used Sopro to streamline their sales process for increased efficiency

Headline results

$99 cost per lead
4% lead rate
9% response rate
£62 cost per lead 4% lead rate 9% response rate

The company

On Device Research is a Market Research company that helps brands understand the effectiveness of their online and offline advertising, harnessing insights from mobile users worldwide.

They offer various services, including measurement of ad effectiveness, brand tracking, and evaluation of customer experience. Utilising their proprietary technology, they deliver real-time data and actionable insights to help clients make informed decisions. 

Focusing on mobile research methodologies, On Device Research enables companies to understand consumer behaviour, optimise advertising campaigns, and enhance their overall marketing strategies in today’s mobile-first world.

The problem

On Device came to Sopro following a poor experience with a different lead generation service. That relationship meant they were really focused on finding the right partner to take their brand forward.

“That first call with Sopro was absolutely fantastic… they were really interested in our business – understanding how and why we work, what our key target audience is, and how they could help us deliver on that.”

Lisa Miles, Marketing Manager, On Device

The original goals were to efficiently source warm leads, streamline the sales process and free up the sales team’s time to focus on closing deals.

With the campaign performing well, and as a global brand, On Device sought to expand outreach into new markets, further leveraging Sopro’s expertise.

The solution

Sopro offered a comprehensive solution to enhance their marketing strategy, with the Sopro and On Device teams working closely to create campaigns that would drive actual results.

“We just really wanted to find a partner that really understood our business, and desired as much as we do to essentially help us grow, and that’s what we found with Sopro.”

Lisa Miles, Marketing Manager, On Device

Nuanced targeting strategies helped reach their desired demographics in each market. Email outreach – with advanced segmentation and next-generation personalisation – delivered a fully tailored and tracked engagement campaign to drive conversions.

The activity was combined with buyer intent tracking from the campaign to the website – giving a more detailed picture of audience actions arising from the campaign, and enabling proactive outreach at the moment prospects were displaying intent.

The results

Since partnering with Sopro in September 2022, On Device Research has achieved remarkable results. Over 600 new sales conversations are attributed to Sopro in that time, and crucially, several closed deals.

“Sopro has helped us close deals right from the UK to Singapore, we had one piece of work come through that paid for the service in its entirety… Sopro has certainly more than paid for itself!”

Lisa Miles, Marketing Manager, On Device.

They averaged 34 monthly leads throughout 2023, leading to successful meetings with businesses in the UK, Singapore, and Australia. With headquarters in the UK, they operate globally, so successful outreach across various regions was vital.

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