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How iTacit used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

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How iTacit propelled business growth with a Sopro-powered boost

Headline results

$342 cost per lead
2% lead rate
8% response rate
£214 cost per lead 2% lead rate 8% response rate

The company

iTacit is used by companies across numerous industries to make their employee life cycles more productive, efficient and cost-effective. The platform and app simplify communication and connect frontline staff to everything they need to do their jobs.

Email-free messages make it easy to reach employees on their own devices. Relevant information can be distributed on the notice board. Employee engagement can be tracked with instant surveys. A document library makes finding company documents and files easy. 

As if that isn’t enough, there is onboarding, performance management, training and compliance, digital forms and checklists.

The challenge

iTacit is a disruptor in their space. Their goal is to build the best possible experience for the end users: focusing on the professionals in the field, not just the HR departments who tend to buy the software.

They looked at the frontline teams using the software, and saw that they had a unique set of needs. Users require a solution that is mobile, easy to use, and puts information at their fingertips. They also need to communicate with other teams, but might not have access to the portals and software they’d use in their office.

“Our solution doesn’t fit neatly into one category, so most HR teams aren’t used to buying that way. That creates a challenge of not having a category to tap into. When our solution is that little bit different to the competition, there’s a challenge in marketing that.”

Teri Maltais, Marketing Director, iTacit

Before Sopro, iTacit also grappled with the twin challenges of time and resources. They were racing to build and iterate their product while trying to carve out a space in a rapidly evolving market. Business development was on the to-do list, but finding the time to build it out was impossible.

Our solution

Enter Sopro. Our team was brought in to deliver a ready-made source of leads. This gave iTacit the space to develop the product and internal functions while still growing its business.

“Sopro was a really great way for us to plug and play into a proven business development programme and not lose ground on demand generation, while giving us the time to build up our internal business development functions.”

Teri Maltais, Marketing Director, iTacit

Different messaging options were tested, with the Sopro team implementing and reporting on different angles. Bringing in a team they could trust was a key part of the relationship. 

“The team we work with are really super dynamic, and incredibly responsive. When you’re outsourcing a key part of your business, you have to trust those people.”

Teri Maltais, Marketing Director, iTacit

Another advantage of the campaign was Sopro’s data analytics. It provided actionable insights into which market segments were most responsive, in addition to the existing knowledge about the target market. This data-driven approach helped iTacit make informed decisions, fine-tuning its strategy for better results.

The results

Since teaming up with Sopro, iTacit has seen a noticeable increase in leads. Thanks to the Sopro service, and the time it gave them to build up their own sales development function.

“We’re now generating five times the number of leads we were before Sopro came on board, because we’ve been able to focus on those other areas while Sopro took care of leads for us.”

Teri Maltais, Marketing Director, iTacit

But it’s not just about the numbers. Sopro has helped iTacit start conversations with hard-to-reach targets, leading to potential deals that are still in the works.

“It’s a conversation starter. Those initial introductions were just that: an inbox that we didn’t know existed, but we found someone who was open to having a conversation. Without a doubt, we have large deals in our pipeline thanks to Sopro. And those deals come from being able to talk to these people one-on-one.”

Teri Maltais, Marketing Director, iTacit

Looking ahead, iTacit plans to use Sopro to break into new markets. They’ve made good progress in North America and are now eyeing opportunities elsewhere. Sopro gives them the opportunity to map and test new markets, before their marketing team go all in.

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