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How Hello Customer used SoPro campaigns to drive sales without building out internal business development teams

Company profile




Information Services, Software

Deal cycle:


Target profile



Company size:

50- 10000


Owners & Senior customer roles

How Hello Customer used Sopro's targeted personalisation to deliver new leads

Headline results

$85 cost per lead
4% lead rate
9% response rate
£53 cost per lead 4% lead rate 9% response rate

Company description

Hello Customer provides next generation customer experience software. Easy to use software to turn customer feedback into true employee enthusiasm and culture change from the CEO on down, right into the frontline.

Hello Customer helps a client achieve a customer centric culture by asking customers for real-time honest and open feedback; connecting all feedback back to the clients’ employees; augment with Artificial Intelligence for real insights – ISAAC, which will find the most important trends, as it will understand, interpret and categorise all feedback.


  • Helping companies across the UK and Europe to capture and make use of customer experience feedback in ways that rapidly uplift commercial performance.
  • Enabling the customer automatically to capture and centralise customer feedback across high volumes of customer interactions/engagements
  • Giving the customer the right tools to visualise, understand and precision manage engagement in better informed and genuinely impactful ways

Our solution

Campaign performance

Company Size Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
51 – 200 28 54% 5 18% 5 17.86% £11
201 – 500 496 30% 57 11% 25 5.04% £40
501 – 1000 696 28% 54 8% 22 3.16% £63
1001 – 5000 282 27% 26 9% 8 2.84% £71
5001 – 10000 447 34% 37 8% 14 3.13% £64
10001+ 742 31% 63 8% 43 5.80% £35


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