New report: 9 secrets of successful sales emails

The secret strategies for supercharging your B2B sales emails: all backed by hard-hitting data.

The State of Prospecting 2022

What every sales and marketing team should know.

Five years of data. 82 industries. 8,000 campaigns. 25 million emails.

One no-nonsense guide to email prospecting, designed to help you do one thing: generate more business with the right people.

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Great conversations start here...

Outbound marketing has changed, and Sopro has been at the forefront of this revolution since 2016. Using social media, cutting edge tech, live data, precision targeting and dynamic personalisation, we start conversations with the people that really matter to your business.

And now, for the first time, we’re revealing everything we’ve learned in five years.

You will learn:

How prospecting has revolutionised outbound marketing

Email benchmarks by industry and company size

The best time to send prospecting emails

How to write sales emails that actually start conversations

Sopro’s politeness study – which job title is the least polite?

The easiest and hardest industries to sell to

An in-depth look at an actual Sopro campaign

Real-life prospecting case studies and survey results

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