Data Should be Free.  Here’s Ours.

SoPro are fortunate to have a treasure trove of fantastically insightful data at our fingertips.  Every month our teams dive deep into our sea of data to assess performance across hundreds of campaigns. After much deliberation, we decided to publish our global cross campaign stats, no massaging, no tweaking, just straight up, fresh from the database extra digital data.  Totally uncensored.


Shining a spotlight on every aspect of performance, whether good or bad, is a great way to keep us on our toes.


To improve our campaigns, we report performance on a segmented basis, in comparison with our cross-campaign averages.  This approach helps us pinpoint the right areas to tweak for maximum impact each week. Segments are outlined in the tables below, and include performance by message stage, company size, industry and job title, and a host of chronological categories such as daily, monthly and yearly stats.  The result is an extraordinarily unique insight into prospecting response rates by market segment.


If you can make use of our data, please do, we just ask for a back-linked citation where published.


Stats updated daily.

Global Summary – SoPro Cross Campaign Stats
Summary by Message Stage
Summary by Company Size
Summary by Industry
Summary by Month and Year