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UKBA 2021
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SME 2021
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In my three years at Sopro, my career has really taken off. I've gone from an intermediate developer, to a senior, to a team lead.

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“I love using all my skills, and the balance of logic and creativity to achieve the best results.”

Aleksandar Arsovski

Head of Engineering

Meet the people behind the tech

Great tech is created by great people. At Sopro we are dedicated to building and developing a team of enthusiasts, who love what they do.


Filip Trkaleski

Intermediate .Net developer

I work in the Dev team as a full stack developer. I love working with the newest and best technologies.

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“Sopro doesn't feel like working. It's an environment where I learn, improve, and have fun.”


Marija Lazareska

Dev Team Lead

Sopro is all about being passionate and having an opportunity to grow. The people, the progression, and the company culture are amazing.

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“I work with people that push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. It's the perfect place to grow and meet like-minded people.”

Our people. Our greatest asset.

Our engineering principles

Embrace the MVP

The quicker we ship a Minimum Viable Product, the quicker we can get feedback from real users, on the issues and features they really care about


Build a legacy

We all love to try and reduce code into as few lines as possible, however, clear and readable code wins every time. If you can’t look back at a function or code snippet in a month's time and know what it does right away, neither can your teammates.


Avoid premature optimization

We are building systems that solve problems for our users. First and foremost we need to make sure we are delighting our users, listening to their feedback and solving these problems rather than optimizing every last line of code. There will be plenty of time for that once the users come flooding in.


Don't optimise for the sake of it

We always try to make time for optimising and refactoring code, but never for the sake of it. We always quantify the impact first. If it’s performance-related, it's done with appropriate instrumentation. If it’s code quality, we consider the importance of the code and its impact on other features.


Be the client

We aren’t building systems for outsourced third parties – we are stakeholders in everything we build. We work with the business collaboratively to solve problems, and not just build code to specifications. Use your initiative to suggest changes – everyone’s views are heard.

Don’t depend on dependencies

We use plenty of third party systems and platforms in the delivery of any piece of software, and the ones we choose in the first case are not always the ones we end up with. Avoid tightly coupling any dependencies (or any code we haven’t produced) and prioritize the ability to swap providers in and out.

Be a good mentor

Good coding practices come with practice and time. Spending care and attention on code reviews with less experienced members of your team helps them to develop these practices, which benefits us all. And we’ve all been the new guy once.

Evolve your stack

Technologies evolve at a rapid pace and we need to make sure our knowledge keeps up. Embrace new languages and systems and use them where appropriate – the wider our base of knowledge is, the more able we are to suggest the right tech for the right solution.

Take pride in our creations

We are building real world systems for real users – and we should be proud enough to show them off. Show your family at the dinner table

Team manifesto

Have respect for other team members Share ideas with others Thrive towards clean code & architecture Will roll out the red carpet for all of our new members Focus on quality over quantity Are transparent and open Learn from our mistakes and don't ask the same questions twice Do our own research before asking questions Use proper naming conventions Always assume a team member has the best intentions When we spot a problem, we not only note it, but we offer solutions to it Will celebrate one another Acknowledge our mistakes Bring up important issues or conflict to one another asap

Technology stack(…s)

We work primarily with Microsoft .net, sql server, and Javascript frameworks – mainly React. Pretty much like everyone else right?

Well…not quite like everyone else. We are stakeholders in our products, we aren’t just suppliers and we define the tech stack that goes into them. .Net 5? Absolutely. Mobile app in Flutter? Why not.

And if we find a new framework we simply have to try…then we’ll come up with a product and a reason to use it

Your career path

At Sopro we assess all roles based on ability – not years of experience. With clear, objective criteria everyone in the team knows where they are, what they need to do to progress, and most importantly how we are going to help to get them there.

We also recognise that people management is not for everyone, and have two clear, separate paths for progression. Both involve constantly developing and improving engineering skills, with the leadership stream also progressing to line management of your own team (and ultimately – teams).

Dedicated mentor

You will work closely with a mentor who will guide you through a project, explain systems structures and review every line of your code.

Regular reviews

Six-monthly reviews to track where you sit in the Sopro performance framework, and top help you progress as quickly as possible

Real projects

From day one you will work on real projects, with real users. You’ll be interacting with stakeholders (with the support of your mentor) and gaining valuable experience. No made up projects here

Room to grow

At an intermediate level you will be comfortable to work independently but can expect the same level of support from senior members of the team to further develop your skills

Regular reviews

Six-monthly reviews to track where you sit in the Sopro performance framework, and to help you progress as quickly as possible


All intermediate team members are introduced as mentors – reviewing other developers code is an important aspect of improving tech ability, and understanding system architecture

Architecture decisions

Everyone in the team has a voice – but as a senior you’ll be expected to have a researched view on what tech stack and platforms we should be using to solve any given task

Bespoke development

Once you hit the more senior levels, we throw away the competency frameworks and focus on working closely with you to develop skills in the areas you need

Develop your specializations

New frameworks? AI? ML? Distributed computing? Whatever tech is at the top of your list, we’ll work with you on incorporating into real projects

Own the code

As a lead developer you’ll be responsible for the code and product quality – owning the process and developing your skills further

Choose your path

We’ll work with you to help decide if you want to pursue a leadership, or pure engineering role, with plenty of opportunity to try both

Be an ambassador

We encourage face to face meetings with stakeholders – which often involves international travel. Honing your skills by developing good stakeholder relationships across the whole team forms a key part of your development

Work - life balance

We’ve all been there: someone decides it’s a good idea to deploy on a Friday afternoon because ‘it’ll definitely be fine’ and then you end up pulling an all nighter tracking down that query that deadlocks all 700 clients. It happens. Generally speaking though, we work flexible, human hours, with options for part remote. And we don’t deploy on Fridays.

Benefits at Sopro

With offices spread across countries and continents, the details of our benefits can change based on what is available locally - and while some of the finer details may differ, the spirit of our perks remains the same wherever you’re based.

What we offer


Career progression plan

We offer a well-structured career progression path supported by regular 360-degree feedback. Everyone has a clear path, so you’ll continually learn and grow as a professional.


Private healthcare insurance

We look out for your health with a high level of private medical care.


Yearly bonus: company profit sharing

We believe in sharing in our success, so we reward your loyalty using 10% of our yearly profits.


Extended annual leave

We provide additional annual leave allowance above the standard paid leave determined by law.


International travel

You will have the opportunity to travel and work with colleagues from different Sopro office locations.

Culture and perks

Learning and development

We’ve built our own learning platform to aid your personal and professional growth. Additional support comes from mentorship, external training and certification.

Hybrid working

For face-to-face time with your colleagues, work from our offices two days a week: centrally located and packed with perks and treats. And for those days when you need some quiet time to fully focus, work from home.

Wellbeing package

Our wellbeing budget is adapted to the needs of our people: regular sports, social activities and lots of healthy snacks.

Your work matters

We have an open-door policy and value your opinion. Ideas are heard and genuinely put into practice.

See open positions

Our engineering recruitment process

We keep it simple - all roles follow the same four step process.


Send us your CV. Or your portfolio. Or even better a Github link full of half finished hobby projects and a stack overflow username.

Initial chat

Initial interview to meet you, explain the role and make sure we look to be a good fit for each other.


For some of the roles you might get a task that simulates the kind of technology or job they would be involved in. All our past tests are a creative piece of work done with great inspiration from our candidates.

Tech Interview

An in depth interview with your potential line manger and one senior manager from the team. We won't ask you to write whiteboard code, or remember sorting algorithms, but do expect technical questions

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